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Characterization of the Annapolis Valley aquifers, Nova Scotia - a work in progress; Rivard, C; Michaud, Y; Liao, S; Bolduc, A; Paradis, S J; Paradis, D; Castonguay, S; Deblonde, C; Hamblin, T; Drage, J; Panoconi, C; Webster, T; Spooner, I; in, GeoSask 2005 - 58th/ème Canadian Geotechnical Conference/Conférence canadienne de géotechnique and/et 6th/ème Joint CGS and IAH-CNC Groundwater Specialty Conference/Conférence conjointe SCG et AIH-CNC sur l'eau souterraine: conference proceedings/comptes rendus. 2005, 8 pages (GSC Cont.# 2005102)

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