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Mechanisms of CO2-EOR in Bakken shale; Bizhani, M; Ardakani, O H; Hawthorne, S; Kurz, B; Cesar, J; Percival, J B; in, 2022 Core Conference. 2022 p. 1-2 (NRCan Cont.# 20220196)


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CO2-enhanced oil recovery mechanism in Canadian Bakken Shale; Bizhani, M; Ardakani, O H; Hawthorne, S B; Cesar, J; Kurz, B; Percival, J B. Minerals 12, 6, 779, 2022 p. 1-19, Open Access logo Open Access (NRCan Cont.# 20220197)


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Fluid flow and water/rock interaction during the Early Triassic evolution of the western Canada sedimentary basin as revealed by carbonate diagenesis; Liseroudi, M H; Ardakani, O H; Pedersen, P K; Sanei, H. Marine and Petroleum Geology vol. 142, 105765, 2022 p. 1-18, (NRCan Cont.# 20210476)


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Geochemical evidence for the internal migration of gas condensate in a major unconventional tight petroleum system; Wood, J M; Cesar, J; Haeri Ardakani, O; Rudra, A; Sanei, H. Scientific Reports vol. 12, 7931, 2022 p. 1-15, Open Access logo Open Access (NRCan Cont.# 20210704)


Recent advances in small-scale carbon capture systems for micro-combined heat and power applications; Yaici, W; Entchev, E; Longo, M. Energies vol. 15, issue 8, 2022 p. 1-31, Open Access logo Open Access (NRCan Cont.# 20220081)


Corrosion behaviors of carbon steels and cr-bearing steels in supercritical CO2; Li, K; Zeng, Y. 172686, 2021 p. 10-17, (NRCan Cont.# 20210574)


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Public presentations of May 19, 2020: Environmental Geoscience Program, current status of research projects for the 2019-2024 program cycle; Jacob, N; Outridge, P MORCID logo; Lintern, GORCID logo; Bringué, MORCID logo; Ahad, J M EORCID logo; Gammon, P R; Rivard, CORCID logo; Kao, HORCID logo; White, DORCID logo; Desbarats, A JORCID logo; Galloway, J MORCID logo; Duchesne, M JORCID logo. Geological Survey of Canada, Scientific Presentation 118, 2020, 137 pages, Open Access logo Open Access


Advances in carbon capture, utilization and storage; Zhang, Z; Wang, T; Blunt, M J; Anthony, E J; Park, A -H A; Hughes, R W; Webley, P A; Yan, J. Applied Energy vol. 278, 115627, 2020 p. 1-3, (NRCan Cont.# 20200381)


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