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TitreOrigin and early development of the IAMG
AuteurAgterberg, F
SourceHandbook of mathematical geosciences: fifty years of IAMG; par Sagar, B S D (éd.); Cheng, Q (éd.); Agterberg, F (éd.); 2018 p. 901-914, 45 (Accès ouvert)
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ÉditeurSpringer International Publishing
DOI 45
Mediapapier; en ligne; numérique
Référence reliéeCette publication est contenue dans Sagar, B S D; Cheng, Q; Agterberg, F; (2018). Handbook of mathematical geosciences: fifty years of IAMG
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Sujetshistorique; géostatistiques; géologues; organisme international; géomathématique; Sciences et technologie
Diffusé2018 06 26
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This chapter is primarily concerned with the first 15 years of our existence (I was a member of the IAMG Founding Committee, and on the 1968-1972 and 1996-1980 IAMG Councils). Daniel Merriam and Richard Reyment are the principal fathers of the IAMG, and many other scientists have contributed significantly to its origin and early development. Personal contacts with them are briefly described. These comments are supplementary to those already provided in earlier chapters by Founding Members and others who have made significant contributions to the IAMG originally. Special attention is paid to inputs by prominent mathematical statisticians with an interest in geology. I am grateful to all pioneers who have helped to establish the IAMG and provided a climate encouraging younger scientists, including myself, to pursue careers in their field of interest.