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TitreAquistore: Year One - Injection, Data, Results
AuteurWorth, K; White, D; Chalaturnyk, R; Sorensen, J; Hawkes, C; Rostron, B; Risk, D; Young, A; Sacuta, N
SourceEnergy Procedia vol. 114, 2017 p. 5624-5635,
Séries alt.Ressources naturelles Canada, Contribution externe 20182097
ÉditeurElsevier Ltd
Mediapapier; en ligne; numérique
ProgrammeSaisi et entreposage de carbone, Géosciences environnementales
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
Aquistore is an independent research project managed by the PTRC demonstrating the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) deep underground in a brine sandstone formation. Results from the baseline MMV program are compared with measurements after the injection of 36,000 tonnes of CO2. Surface seismic results indicated excellent repeatability with baseline surveys; the data achieved a global NRMS of 10%, allowing for the detection of small amounts of CO2 at significant depths. Passive seismic monitoring detected no injection-induced seismicity. Post-injection groundwater and soil gas sampling was relatively unchanged, and indicate there are no signs of seepage of CO2 at the site. © 2017 The Authors.