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TitreApplication of detailed mapping of seafloor in identification and assessment of environmental conditions of the southern Baltic Sea
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AuteurSzefler, K; Rudowski, S; Wróblewski, R; Gajewski, L
SourceProgram and abstracts: 2017 GeoHab Conference, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada; par Todd, B J; Brown, C J; Lacharité, M; Gazzola, V; McCormack, E; Commission géologique du Canada, Dossier public 8295, 2017 p. 112, (Accès ouvert)
LiensGeoHab 2017
ÉditeurRessources naturelles Canada
Réunion2017 GeoHab: Marine Geological and Biological Habitat Mapping; Dartmouth, NS; CA; mai 1-4, 2017
Documentdossier public
Mediaen ligne; numérique
Référence reliéeCette publication est contenue dans Todd, B J; Brown, C J; Lacharité, M; Gazzola, V; McCormack, E; (2017). Program and abstracts: 2017 GeoHab Conference, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, Commission géologique du Canada, Dossier public 8295
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Sujetstechniques de cartographie; océanographie; milieux marins; conservation; organismes marins; écologie marine; gestion des ressources; peuplements biologiques; etudes de l'environnement; écosystèmes; sédiments marins; dépôts glaciaires; dépôts glaciomarins; moraines; photographie; topographie du fond océanique; configurations lit; bathymétrie; levés géophysiques; levés acoustiques marins; levés au sonar; sonar latéral; géologie marine; géologie des dépôts meubles/géomorphologie; géologie de l'environnement; géophysique; Phanérozoïque; Cénozoïque; Quaternaire
ProgrammeGéoscience en mer, Géoscience de la gestion des océans
Diffusé2017 09 26
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
Nowadays, application of integrated sets of non-invasive methods allows thorough identification of geological and topographical features of the seafloor as well as it enables production of sharp cartographic images.
Opportunities offered by this method were presented on the example of a fragment of morainic seafloor from the Southern Baltic with relics of a moraine and with modern abrasive and accumulative seabed formations.
Results of MBES and SSS measurements were elaborated in the form of bathymetric and geomorphological charts. There were presented also profiles and cross-sections obtained in the course of MBES and SES measurements as well as images of the seafloor surface based on SES measurements and images of smaller forms, e.g. ripple marks, sand waves, and other forms recorded with use of ROV TV. The measurements conducted in the survey polygon constitute a preliminary stage to works that are to be performed over bigger areas. These works shall be associated, among others, with habitats and monitoring of condition and changes in the seafloor generated by natural and anthropogenic impact (such as laying of cables and construction of wind turbines).