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TitreBedrock erosion in strong tidal streams, erosion points to hazards for tidal power installations
AuteurMitchell, N C; Todd, B J; Schmitt, T
SourceSea Technology vol. 2013, no. 4, 2013.
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Séries alt.Secteur des sciences de la Terre, Contribution externe 20120398
Documentpublication en série
Mediapapier; en ligne; numérique
Sujetsmarées; courants de marée; milieux de marée; dépôts de marée; érosion; érosion côtière; milieu côtièr; géologie marine
Illustrationsimages; photographs; plots
ProgrammeGéosciences environnementales, Énergies renouvelables
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
The successful design of robust tidal power facilities faces many challenges associated with corrosion by seawater, and impacts of waves and tidal currents. Whereas useful indications of material survival may be obtained from laboratory testing, geological studies of these areas have the promise of providing useful indirect knowledge. Multibeam echo-sounder data from three areas of extreme tidal streams has been examined: Minas Passage (Bay of Fundy, Canada), Nash Point (Bristol Channel, UK) and the Straits of Messina (Italy). Whereas the data from Nash Point and Messina show relatively limited erosion, those from the Minas Passage show potential undermining of rock outcrops. Surface currents in the Minas Passage reach 8 knots, indicating a possible threshold at which erosion just becomes significant. Foundations based on concrete may have limited design life in such areas.