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TitreTop to bottom geophysical perspective on Purcell Anticlinorium architecture, British Columbia
AuteurThomas, M D
SourceCommission géologique du Canada, Dossier public 7083, 2012, 58 pages,
ÉditeurRessources naturelles Canada
Réunion7th Annual Minerals South Conference and Trade Show; Kimberley; CA; Novembre 15th, 2011
Documentdossier public
Mediaen ligne; numérique
SNRC82F/01; 82F/02; 82F/07; 82F/08; 82F/09; 82F/10; 82F/15; 82F/16; 82G/04; 82G/05; 82G/12; 82G/13
Lat/Long OENS-117.0000 -115.5000 50.0000 49.0000
Sujetslevés géophysiques; interprétation aéromagnétique; levés aéromagnétiques; levés magnétiques; magnétisme du champ complet; anomalies magnétiques; interpretations sismiques; levés sismiques; levés de reflexion sismiques; interprétations magnétotelluriques; levés magnétotelluriques; Anticlinorium de Purcell ; Supergroupe de Purcell ; Formation de Creston ; Formation de Kitchener ; Formation de Dutch Creek ; Formation de Mt. Nelson ; géophysique; Précambrien; Protérozoïque
Illustrationslocation maps; stratigraphic columns; images; profiles
Bibliothèque de Ressources naturelles Canada - Ottawa (Sciences de la Terre)
ProgrammeÉtude des gîtes porphyriques, Initiative géoscientifique ciblée (IGC-4)
ProgrammeÉtude des gîtes de SEDEX, Initiative géoscientifique ciblée (IGC-4)
Diffusé2012 04 25
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
The presentation "Top to Bottom Geophysical Perspective on Purcell Anticlinorium Architecture, British Columbia" was one of eight presentations in the program that constituted the short course "The Wealth of Basins". The availability of the PowerPoint file was announced to participants, several of whom requested copies. It was intended at the time to follow up with a set of brief slide notes that could again be made available on request. Given the large number of slides that covered a broad spectrum of geophysical applications, and because of the specialized nature of the subject matter, it was decided to make descriptions more robust than originally intended, thereby providing, together with the slide images, a fairly comprehensive overview of the utility of geophysics in the Purcell anticlinorium. It was felt that such documentation would provide a foundation in geophysics for anyone involved in geological studies or exploration within the anticlinorium.