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TitreReport on 2010 field activities and collection of ground thermal and active layer data in the Mackenzie Corridor completed under N.W.T. science licence #14686
AuteurEdnie, M; Chartrand, J; Smith, S L
SourceCommission géologique du Canada, Dossier public 6932, 2011, 67 pages,
ÉditeurRessources naturelles Canada
Documentdossier public
Medianumérique; en ligne
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ProvinceTerritoires du Nord-Ouest; Yukon
SNRC95G; 95H; 95I; 95J; 95K; 95N; 95O; 96B; 96C; 96D; 96E; 96F; 96L; 96M; 96N; 97B; 97C; 106G; 106H; 106I; 106J; 106K; 106L; 106M; 106N; 106O; 106P; 107A; 107B; 107C; 107D
Lat/Long OENS-136.0000 -118.0000 70.0000 61.0000
Sujetscongélation du sol; glace fossile; températures au sol; pergélisol; analyses thermiques; géologie des dépôts meubles/géomorphologie
Illustrationstables; location maps; graphs
Bibliothèque de Ressources naturelles Canada - Ottawa (Sciences de la Terre)
Programmepipeline nordiques, Géoscience de l'environnement
ProgrammeLe Programme de recherche et de développement énergétiques (PRDE)
Diffusé2011 07 12
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
A summary of field activities conducted in 2010 in the Mackenzie Corridor under NWT Science License #14686 is presented. Ground thermal and active layer data acquired from permafrost monitoring sites visited in 2010 throughout the corridor are presented in graphical and tabular format. This report will be distributed to community organizations and stakeholders in the region to provide an update on field activities. The ground thermal and active layer data presented provide essential baseline information that can be utilized by stakeholders in the region and others for various purposes such as land management activities, regulatory processes and design of northern infrastructure.