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TitreReal-time simulation of geomagnetically induced currents
AuteurBoteler, D H; Trichtchenko, L; Pirjola, R; Parmelee, J; Souksaly, S; Foss, A; Marti, L
SourceProceedings of the VII International Symposium EMC'2007; 2007, 4 pages
Séries alt.Secteur des sciences de la Terre, Contribution externe 20100355
RéunionVII International Symposium EMC'2007; St Petersburg; RU; juin 26-29, 2007
Sujetsgéomagnétisme; champs géomagnétiques; variations géomagnétiques; énergie électrique; établissement de modèles; électricité; géophysique
Illustrationsplots; screen captures
ProgrammeTargeted Hazard Assessments in Northern Canada, Géoscience pour la sécurité publique
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
To monitor the impact of geomagnetic disturbances on a power network a system has been developed to provide real-time simulations of the geomagnetically induced currents flowing in a power system. The Real-Time GIC Simulator uses real-time magnetic data from a magnetic observatory. This is combined with a model of the earth conductivity structure to determine the electric field produced by the magnetic field variations. This electric field becomes the input to a model of the power system which calculates the GIC in the transmission lines and flowing to/from ground at the substations. These model results are displayed in a set of graphs and tables that can provide engineers and system operators with a continually updating view of the magnitudes of GIC in the network.