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TitreCanadian space weather forecast services
AuteurTrichtchenko, L; Lam, H -L; Boteler, D H; Coles, R L; Parmelee, J
SourceCanadian Aeronautics and Space Journal vol. 55, no. 2, 2009 p. 107-113,
Séries alt.Secteur des sciences de la Terre, Contribution externe 20090179
Documentpublication en série
Mediapapier; en ligne; numérique
Sujetsmagnétosphère; courants magnétosphériques; ionosphère; courants ionosphériques; satellites; géomagnétisme; champs géomagnétiques; géologie extraterrestre
Illustrationsimages; plots; screen captures
ProgrammeTargeted Hazard Assessments in Northern Canada, Géoscience pour la sécurité publique
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
Space weather is the term that has been adopted to cover the changes in the conditions on the Sun, interplanetary and near-Earth space, magnetosphere, and ionosphere, in analogy with meteorological weather. A wide range of technologies, from satellites to ground-based infrastructure such as power systems and pipelines, experience the hazardous effects of space weather. Some effects may be immediate (power systems, high-frequency (HF) communications), and others are cumulative (pipelines). To mitigate these risks requires space weather "now-casting" and forecasting. The Canadian Space Weather Forecast Centre (CSWFC) is operated by Natural Resources Canada. Developed originally in the 1970s to help magnetic surveyors, the CSWFC now covers a wide range of phenomena from geomagnetic storms and effects on ground infrastructure to parameters of the satellite environment at geostationary orbit. The CSWFC services include short- and long-term forecasts of geomagnetic activity at different locations over Canada and real-time services for ground infrastructure. To develop successful forecasts of the hazards from space weather involves analysis and understanding of a variety of solar and interplanetary phenomena combined with knowledge of the space weather effects on different technological systems. We show examples of space weather events from their origin on the Sun to their occurrence on the ground and demonstrate the CSWFC forecasts.