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TitreGeologic features and seabed processes of the Northwest Passage
AuteurBlasco, S M; Bennett, R; MacLean, B; Hughes Clarke, J; Beaudoin, J; Blasco, K A
SourceArctic change 2008: programme and abstracts/Arctic change 2008 : programme et résumés de la conférence; 2008 p. 186
LiensArctic Change 2008: Programme and abstracts (online)
Séries alt.Secteur des sciences de la Terre, Contribution externe 20080393
RéunionArctic Change Conference; Quebec City; CA; décembre 9-12, 2008
ProvinceRégion extracotière du nord
Sujetslevés au sonar; Holocène; sedimentation; stabilité des pentes; géologie marine; géophysique; sédimentologie; Quaternaire
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
Multibeam sonar systems have been utilized for mapping of seabed transects through the Northwest Passage and Canadian Beaufort Shelf. Survey platforms include the CCGS Amundsen, equipped with a hull-mounted Simrad EM300 multibeam sonar and the CCGS Nahidik which carries a 9m launch equipped with a Simrad EM3002 multibeam sonar. Data have been collected in support of seabed issues related to the opening of the Northwest Passage including: sovereignty, safe navigation, geohazards to resource development, paleoceanography, geological evolution of the seabed, and benthic ecosystem investigations. Navigation hazards include shoals and submerged artificial islands. Geohazards related to offshore hydrocarbon development include unstable foundation conditions, slope instabilities, shallow gas and oil seeps, faulting and scouring by sea-ice and icebergs. Holocene sediment depocentres have been located for sediment sampling for high resolution paleoenvironmental reconstructions. Flutings and drumlinized seabed clearly define the flow patterns of glacial ice streams. Seabed morphology and backscatter mapping provide the framework for benthic ecosystem assessments. Data analyzed to date have contributed significantly to the knowledge and understanding of seabed processes, geohazards, geological features and history of the seabed of the Northwest Passage.