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TitreThe Upper Ordovician Utica Shales and Lorraine Group flysch in southern Québec: Tectonostratigraphic setting and significance for unconventional gas
AuteurLavoie, D; Hamblin, A P; Thériault, R; Beaulieu, J; Kirkwood, D
SourceCommission géologique du Canada, Dossier public 5900, 2008, 56 pages, (Accès ouvert)
ÉditeurRessources naturelles Canada
Documentdossier public
Mediaen ligne; numérique
SNRC21L/04; 21L/05; 21L/06; 21L/10; 21L/11; 21L/12; 21L/13; 21L/14; 21L/15; 31G/01; 31G/02; 31G/07; 31G/08; 31G/09; 31H; 31I/01; 31I/02; 31I/03; 31I/04; 31I/06; 31I/07; 31I/08; 31I/09; 31I/10; 31I/16
Lat/Long OENS-75.0000 -70.5000 47.0000 45.0000
SujetsOrdovicien supérieur; milieu sédimentaire; roches sédimentaires; sédiments marins; milieux marins; calcaires; mudstones; turbidites; roches mères; maturation des hydrocarbures; maturation; maturation thermique; migration des hydrocarbures; porosité; perméabilité; reservoirs; roches reservoirs; flysch; zones tectonostratigraphiques; Groupe de Lorraine ; stratigraphie; tectonique; combustibles fossiles; géochimie; Paléozoïque; Ordovicien
Illustrationsgeological sketch maps; cross-sections; stratigraphic columns; stratigraphic sections; photographs; tables
Diffusé2008 08 20
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
This field trip guidebook presents a synthesis of the lower to middle Paleozoic stratigraphic architecture and paleogeographic scenarios for the sedimentary basins in southern Québec. The field trip will provide an opportunity to examine the Upper Ordovician Utica Shale and Lorraine Group flysch that were deposited in the Taconian foreland basin of southern Quebec. Cores presenting some aspects of the lateral variability of the internal facies architecture of the Utica will be examined during the first day whereas visits to key outcrops located in the Québec City area are planned during the second day to look at the overall Upper Ordovician stratigraphic architecture and primary facies distribution.