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TitreStratigraphic analysis of Cretaceous strata flanking the southern Nechako basin: constraining basin architecture and reservoir potential
AuteurMustard, P; Mahoney, J; Goodin, J R; MacLaurin, C I; Haggart, J W
SourceBack to Exploration - 2008 CSPG CSEG CWLS Convention; 2008 p. 552-556
Séries alt.Secteur des sciences de la Terre, Contribution externe 20070541
RéunionBack to Exploration, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists; Calgary, AB; CA; mai 12-15, 2008
SNRC92O; 92P; 93A; 93B; 93C; 93F; 93G; 93H/03; 93H/04; 93H/05; 93J; 93K; 93L
Lat/Long OENS-127.0000 -120.0000 55.0000 51.0000
SujetsCrétacé inférieur; bassins sédimentaires; milieu sédimentaire; roches sédimentaires; grès; faciès; faciès sédimentaires; structures sédimentaires; sédiments marins; sédiments marins; hydrocarbures; capacité de production d'hydrocarbures; Bassin de Nechako ; Groupe de Jackass Mountain ; sédimentologie; combustibles fossiles; Mésozoïque; Cénozoïque; Crétacé; Tertiaire
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ProgrammeDendroctone du pin ponderosa, Réponse géoscientifique pour le dendroctone du pin ponderosa
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
The Jackass Mountain Group (JMG) is a thick (1000's of metres) Lower Cretaceous siliciclastic succession that crops out along the southern margin of the Nechako Basin, a Mesozoic-Tertiary sedimentary basin in the west-central interior of British Columbia considered underexplored for hydrocarbons. A possible correlative to thick subsurface Lower Cretaceous successions known to exist in the subsurface of the Nechako Basin, our detailed analysis of JMG architecture and reservoir potential suggests that the JMG, previously interpreted as dominantly the result of submarine fan deposition, actually comprises a vertically and laterally complex system with non-marine, shallow marine and sub-wavebase fan marine deposits. All deposystems include thick successions with extensive moderate- to well-sorted sandstone facies, potentially high priority targets for hydrocarbon exploration if these surface strata continue to the north into the subsurface of the Nechako Basin.