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TitreSpatial targeting using queries in Gocad
AuteurSprague, K; de Kemp, E; Wong, W; Perron, G; McGaughey, J
SourceProceedings of the Americas GOCAD User Meeting 2004; 2004, 9 pages
LiensOnline - En ligne
Séries alt.Secteur des sciences de la Terre, Contribution externe 2004171
Séries alt.Earth Decision Sciences/Paradigm, White Paper
RéunionAmericas GOCAD User Meeting 2004; Houston, TX; US; 2004
Mediapapier; en ligne; numérique
Sujetsétablissement de modèles; établissement de modèles structuraux; interpretations structurelles; logiciel; cartographie par ordinateur; techniques de cartographie; applications par ordinateur; modélisation numérique de terrain; système d'information géographique; géomathématique; géologie structurale
Illustrationsscreen captures; 3-D models
ProgrammeLa mise en valeur des ressources du Nord
ProgrammeOntario Mineral Exploration Technologies (OMET) Program
Résumé(disponible en anglais seulement)
A query engine for spatial targeting is introduced as a new Gocad plug-in. Input to a query consists of parameters relevant to the query type together with a set of Gocad objects such as point sets, polygonal lines, surfaces, voxets, and/or stratigraphic grids or a region within such objects. The output “target” is a region within each of the input objects containing nodes or grid cells where the query was true. We have been initially experimenting with this new plug-in in mineral exploration applications where the highlighted target region corresponds to a favorable zone for resource discovery by drilling. The principles will find application in any earth science discipline. The addition of a powerful query functionality to Gocad extends Gocad's application domain to the realm of “3D-GIS”.
We provide example scenarios where 3-D queries are used to guide spatial targeting within a near-mine or regional map scale setting. Query types supported are as follows: proximity (to a “probe” object), property, shell (containment within a closed surface), meta-data, feature (dome, depression, curvature), trend (dip plane, vector) and intersection. Not all queries are possible with all objects. Also included in this 3-D GIS plug-in are a series of shell building tools and tabular (spreadsheet like) display of atomic objects properties synchronized with the 3D camera to assist data inspection and editing. A meta-data editor is also available allowing the user to attribute alpha-numeric information on a per object basis.