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TitreAerial Reconnaissance Survey of Ice Break-Up Processes in the Canadian Beaufort Sea Coastal Zone
AuteurD.F. Dickins Associates Ltd.
SourceCommission géologique du Canada, Dossier public 1687, 1987, 108 pages, (Accès ouvert)
Documentdossier public
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Sujetsétudes côtières; climat; glace marine; crêtes de désagrégation; mouvement de la glace; photographie; géologie des dépôts meubles/géomorphologie; Quaternaire
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This report describes a 22 day field program carried out in the Canadian Beaufort Sea from May 31 to June 21, 1987. The field studies concentrated on the documentation of specific features of nearshore ice which play a role in coastal sediment transport in the study area. Regular visits to selected sites were carried out on regional aerial surveys from the US/Canada border to Cape Dalhousie. The study produced a comprehensive slide set together with video coverage of the entire Beaufort Sea coastline. Severe pile-up features, up to 12.5 min elevation, were surveyed in 4 to 10 m of water off Atkinson Spit, in McKinley Bay, and west of Hershel Island along Nunaluk Spit. Strudel scour features were documented off the Babbage River delta in Phillips Bay. The maximum strudel scour pit depth was 2 m. This is the first known confirmation of strudel scour along the Canadian Beaufort Sea coast Areas of ice overflow were mapped in the vicinity of Garry and Ellice Islands and off the deltas of the Blow River (Trent Bay), Babbage River, Running River, and Firth River. The landfast ice was unusually smooth throughout the study area. There was no evidence in 1987 of significant ice-sediment interaction at any of the sites of interest for future development (King Point, North Head, Pullen Island, and Toker Point). These observations are not necessarily representative of typical conditions. We recommends carrying out additional surveys to establish the annual variation and extent of ice-sediment reworking at specific sites and to conduct detailed mapping of strudel scour. Follow-up side-scan surveys are required to determine whether severe ice pile-up features cause long lasting scour in the nearshore area inside of the 10 m isobath. NOAA satellite images provide a valuable record of the extent of ice overflooding in previous years. We recommend using these images to relate ice overflooding and river discharge characteristics for particular years.