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TitreCoastal studies in the western Arctic Archipelago (Melville, Mackenzie King, Lougheed and Nearby Islands)
AuteurForbes, D L; Taylor, R B; Frobel, D
SourceCommission géologique du Canada, Dossier public 1409, 1986, 29 pages, (Accès ouvert)
Séries alt.Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Cruise Report 86302
Documentdossier public
Mediapapier; en ligne; numérique
ProvinceTerritoires du Nord-Ouest; Nunavut
SNRC79A; 79B; 79C; 79D; 89A/01; 89A/02; 89A/07; 89A/08; 89A/09; 89A/10; 89A/15; 89A/16; 89D/01; 89D/02; 89D/07; 89D/08; 89D/09; 89D/10; 89D/15; 89D/16
Lat/Long OENS-114.0000 -104.0000 78.0000 76.0000
Sujetsdeltas; sedimentation; faciès sédimentaires; débit de sedimentation; dépôts fluviaux; alluvions; études côtières; fossiles; plages soulevées; faciès deltaïques; variations du niveau de la mer; glace marine; milieu sédimentaire; milieu côtièr; Holocène; géologie des dépôts meubles/géomorphologie; paléontologie; sédimentologie
Illustrationsaerial photographs
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Coastal studies in the northwestern Arctic Archipelago during the summer of 1986 were divided into two components. Phase 1, on Sabine Peninsula, northern Melville Island, was concerned with Holocene delta sedimentation, facies characteristics in river-mouth settings, prodelta slope stability, and rates of fluvial sediment supply to the coast. Delta terrace sequences were surveyed and sampled along the lower reaches of three of the largest rivers in the area, with observations extending up to about 30m asl near Invincible Point, 27 m asl near Drake Point, and 20m asl near Chads Point. A preliminary assessment of the relative sea level history in the area suggests that the deposits examined may provide information on delta sedimentation processes back to 8-9 ka BP. Phase 2, based on Lougheed Island, was intended to ground-truth coastal mapping carried out in 1980 and based exclusively on airphotos, to extend the information base by examining type coastal settings on Lougheed Island, and to extend and improve oblique aerial video coverage of the coast in this region. Low-level video imagery was obtained for the entire coast of Lougheed and nearby small islands and for much of the east and north coast of Mackenzie King Island. The ground-truth survey program encompassed 11 sites on Lougheed Island and 2 on Mackenzie King.