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TitlePhysical metallurgy of medium-Mn advanced high-strength steels
AuthorSun, B; Kwiatkowski da Silva, A; Wu, Y; Ma, Y; Chen, H; Scott, C; Ponge, D; Raabe, D
SourceInternational Materials Reviews vol. 68, no. 5, 2023 p. 1-39,
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20230043
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Mediapaper; digital; on-line
File formatpdf
Subjectsindustrial minerals; metallic minerals; Science and Technology; manganese; mechanical analyses; phase relations; Steel; Transformation
Illustrationsgraphs; schematic diagrams; plots
ProgramCanmetMATERIALS Advanced Materials Porcessing
Released2023 01 12
AbstractSteels with medium manganese (Mn) content (3?12 wt-%) have emerged as a new alloy class and received considerable attention during the last decade. The microstructure and mechanical response of such alloys show significant differences from those of established steel grades, especially pertaining to the microstructural variety that can be tuned and the associated micromechanisms activated during deformation. The interplay and tuning opportunities between composition and the many microstructural features allow to trigger almost all known strengthening and strain-hardening mechanisms, enabling excellent strength-ductility synergy, at relatively lean alloy content. Previous investigations have revealed a high degree of microstructure and deformation complexity in such steels, but the underlying mechanisms are not adequately discussed and acknowledged. This encourages us to critically review and discuss these materials, focusing on the progress in fundamental research, with the aim to obtain better understanding and enable further progress in this field. The review addresses the main phase transformation phenomena in these steels and their mechanical behaviour, covering the whole inelastic deformation regime including yielding, strain hardening, plastic instability and damage. Based on these insights, the relationships between processing, microstructure and mechanical properties are critically assessed and rationalized. Open questions and challenges with respect to both, fundamental studies and industrial production are also identified and discussed to guide future research efforts.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
Steel producers are responding to the need to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions from road transport vehicles by developing a family of advanced high strength sheet steels (AHSS) for automotive lightweighting. These new grades combine ultra high strength with enhanced ductility, such that complex body and chassis components can be substituted by parts made using thinner gauge sheets, with no loss in performance. This allows significant weight savings to be made and leads to reduced emissions for internal combustion vehicles and/or increased range for electric vehicles. This review article presents the current state of knowledge for an important sub-class of AHSS known as medium manganese steels.

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