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TitleStratigraphy, structure, and mineral potential of the 3.0 Ga Florence Lake greenstone belt, Labrador
AuthorDiekrup, D; Hinchey, A M; Campbell, H E; Rayner, NORCID logo; Piercey, S J
SourceNewfoundland and Labrador Department of Industry, Energy and Technology, Geological Survey, Current Research 23-1, (2023), 2023 p. 1-11 Open Access logo Open Access
LinksOnline - En ligne
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20220621
PublisherNewfoundland and Labrador Geological Survey
Mediapaper; digital; on-line
File formatpdf
ProvinceNewfoundland and Labrador
NTS13J; 13K; 13N; 13O; 14B; 14C
AreaHunt River; Florence Lake
Lat/Long WENS -62.0000 -59.8333 56.1667 54.3333
SubjectsScience and Technology; stratigraphy; mineralogy; volcanism; mineral potential; Greenstone Belt
Illustrationslocation maps; diagrams; photographs
ProgramGEM-GeoNorth: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals GEM Program Coordination
Released2023 03 11
AbstractA project of the collaborative efforts of the Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Nunatsiavut Government, and the Geological Survey of Canada was initiated in the summer of 2022, focusing on the geology of the 3.0 Ga Florence Lake greenstone belt, its volcanic history, stratigraphy, and critical mineral potential. The greenstone belt project is a part of the overall efforts to improve the geoscientific knowledge and support exploration in the northeastern part of Labrador, supported by the GEM GeoNorth program at Natural Resources Canada, and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. This project investigates specifically the 3.1-3.0 Ga supracrustal rocks in the Hopedale block, preserved in the Hunt River and Florence Lake greenstone belts. These volcano-sedimentary rocks have been included in earlier, regional scale mapping efforts and mineral exploration, but earlier work highlighted the requirement to update the geology and a systematic investigation into their structure, stratigraphy, and significance in the regional context. The northern part of the Florence Lake greenstone belt was covered by a recent aeromagnetic survey and selected as a starting point for the project. This report summarizes the field observations and preliminary interpretations of the structure, stratigraphy and mineral potential of the Florence Lake greenstone belt. Previously unrecognized stratigraphic younging indicators and reconstruction of folding geometries will provide the basis for future investigations.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This report summarizes observations from fieldwork undertaken in the summer of 2022 in northern Labrador, with a focus on understanding the geology and structure of an ancient, deformed volcanic belt.

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