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TitleRisk assessments in Newfoundland and Labrador resource-based industries and municipalities, final report
AuthorCBCL Limited
Source 2021, 72 pages Open Access logo Open Access
LinksOnline - En ligne (PDF, 1.79 MB)
LinksGovernment of Newfoundland and Labrador
PublisherNewfoundland and Labrador Environment, Climate Change, and Municipalities
Mediadigital; on-line
File formatpdf
ProvinceNewfoundland and Labrador
NTS1; 2; 3; 11I; 11J; 11O; 11P; 12A; 12B; 12C; 12G; 12H; 12I; 12P; 13; 14; 15D; 23A; 23B; 23G; 23H; 23I; 23J; 23O; 23P; 24A; 24H; 24I; 24P; 25A
Lat/Long WENS -68.0000 -52.0000 60.7500 46.0000
SubjectsNature and Environment; Science and Technology; Economics and Industry; Health and Safety; coastal environment; coastal erosion; floods; Climate change; Climate change adaptation; Adaptive Management; Capacity building; Risk assessment; Natural resources; Risk assessment; Risk management; Green economy; Food security; Transport; Forestry; Fisheries; Agriculture; Grey Infrastructure; Green Infrastructure; Water management; Stormwater Management; Extreme weather; Drought; Fire management; Wildfires; Forest management; Wildlife; cumulative effects
Illustrationstables; sketch maps; photographs; satellite images
ProgramClimate Change Impacts and Adaptation
ProgramClimate Change Impacts and Adaptation Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) Program
Released2021 03 31
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This report presents the findings of a cross-cutting risk assessment for the province of Newfoundland, focused on identifying climate change related vulnerabilities, impacts, and potential opportunities to the provinces' municipalities and natural-resource based industries. The risk assessment process revealed multiple cross- cutting risks that are likely to impact more than one, if not all, of the target sectors.
The industries involved in the study include provincial forestry, fisheries, aquaculture, and agriculture sectors.

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