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TitleAir quality
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AuthorEgyed, M; Blagden, P; Plummer, D; Makar, P; Matz, C; Flannigan, M; MacNeill, M; Lavigne, E; Ling, B; Lopez, D V; Edwards, B; Pavlovic, R; Racine, J; Raymond, P; Rittmaster, R; Wilson, A; Xi, G
SourceHealth of Canadians in a changing climate: advancing our knowledge for action; by Berry, P (ed.); Schnitter, R (ed.); 2022 p. 286-365, Open Access logo Open Access
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RelatedThis publication is contained in Health of Canadians in a changing climate: advancing our knowledge for action
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SubjectsNature and Environment; Health and Safety; Science and Technology; climate effects; Climate change; Climate change adaptation; Health; Air quality; Health co-benefits; mitigation; Mitigation; greenhouse gas emissions; Atmospheric emissions; Carbon emissions
Illustrationsschematic representations; tables; flow diagrams; sketch maps; bar graphs
ProgramClimate Change Impacts and Adaptation
ProgramClimate Change Impacts and Adaptation Canada in a Changing Climate
Released2022 02 09
Climate change and air quality are intimately linked: changes in climate are affecting air quality in Canada, and several air pollutants contribute to climate change. Exposure to key air pollutants, including fine particulate matter and ozone, increases the risk of adverse health outcomes, ranging from respiratory symptoms to development of disease and premature death. A warming climate is expected to worsen air pollution levels in Canada. As the frequency and severity of wildfires are expected to increase due to climate change, emissions from wildfires represent one of the most significant climate-related risks to air quality in Canada. Climate change can also affect indoor air quality when elevated levels of outdoor air pollutants infiltrate buildings or when mould accumulates following extreme weather events, such as floods. Changes in the climate are affecting airborne allergens such as pollen by expanding the geographic distribution of plant species, extending pollen seasons, and increasing pollen counts.
Some groups are at increased risk of health impacts related to air pollution, including children, seniors, Indigenous Peoples, those with pre-existing conditions such as asthma or cardiac disease, and populations living in high air pollution areas. Mitigation efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases can have substantial population health co-benefits related to improved air quality. These co-benefits can help offset the costs of climate mitigation, providing support for accelerated implementation of mitigation policies. Adaptation efforts that would prevent or alleviate the climate-related health impacts of air pollution include limiting exposure to air pollutants, including through the use of emergency shelters during wildfires; providing daily forecasts of air quality, wildfire smoke, and aeroallergens, such as the Air Quality Health Index; implementing flood prevention and ensuring that buildings have adequate ventilation and air filtration.
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This chapter examines the linkages between climate change and air quality in Canada, including how the health of populations could be affected by changes in air quality under various climate scenarios.

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