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TitleMarine geology, geomorphology of Chatham Sound, British Columbia, parts of NTS 103-G, H, I, and J
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorShaw, J; Lintern, D GORCID logo
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Canadian Geoscience Map 437, 2023, 1 sheet, Open Access logo Open Access
LinksSurficial geology map collection
LinksCollection de données de géologie de surface
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Maps1 map
Map Info.surficial geology, geomorphology, 1:175,000
ProjectionUniversal Transverse Mercator Projection, UTM zone 9 (NAD83)
Mediadigital; on-line
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RelatedThis publication is related to Marine geology, geomorphology of the Kitimat Fiord System, British Columbia, parts of NTS 103-A, NTS 103-H and NTS 103-I
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File formatpdf; rtf; gdb (ESRI® ArcGIS(TM) v.10.x); shp (ESRI® ArcGIS(TM) v.10.x); xml (ESRI® ArcGIS(TM) v.10.x); mxd (ESRI® ArcGIS(TM) v.10.x)
ProvinceBritish Columbia; Western offshore region
NTS103G/09; 103G/10; 103G/11; 103G/14; 103G/15; 103G/16; 103H/12; 103H/13; 103I/04; 103I/05; 103I/12; 103J/01; 103J/02; 103J/03; 103J/06; 103J/07; 103J/08; 103J/09; 103J/10; 103J/11
AreaChatham Sound; Hecate Strait; Dogfish Banks; Banks Island; Dundas Island; Dixon Entrance; Dundas Entrance; Porcher Peninsula; Skeena River; Browning Strait; Prince Rupert; Tsimpsean Peninsula
Lat/Long WENS-131.4167 -129.8333 54.7153 53.5708
Subjectsmarine geology; surficial geology/geomorphology; sedimentology; geophysics; Science and Technology; Nature and Environment; marine sediments; postglacial deposits; beaches; deltas; landslides; glacial deposits; ice contact deposits; moraines; moraine, de geer; hummocks; gravels; muds; sands; bathymetry; seafloor topography; bedforms; geophysical surveys; acoustic surveys, marine; side-scan sonar; grab samples; marine sediment cores; photography; bedrock geology; biogenic structures; reefs; bioherms; bedrock topography; submarine features; banks; submarine troughs; channels; submarine ridges; glacial history; glaciation; deglaciation; sea level changes; submergence; depositional history; sediment reworking; gas seeps; currents; Hecate Trough; Hexactinellida; Hexactinellid Sponges; Cordilleran Ice Sheet; outcrops; glaciomarine sediments; glaciomarine veneer; alluvial sediments; anthropogenic deposits; Phanerozoic; Cenozoic; Quaternary
Illustrationslocation maps; index maps; photographs; geoscientific sketch maps; geophysical profiles
ProgramPublic Safety Geoscience Assessing landslides and marine geohazards
Released2023 09 19
AbstractThis map depicts the geomorphology of the Chatham Sound area, British Columbia, and is based on bathymetry and backscatter data from multibeam sonar surveys, complemented by 3.5 kHz subbottom profiler data, grab samples, cores, and bottom photographs. The map encompasses three physiographic areas: 1) the easternmost portion of Dogfish Banks; 2) the north-south oriented Hecate trough; and 3) the maze of channels and inlets east of Hecate trough. The morphological and textural complexity reflects the underlying bedrock, glacial history, a complex pattern of postglacial relative sea-level change, and modern oceanographic processes. Hexactinellid sponge reefs are a significant component of the seafloor mosaic. The criteria for reef identification were positive relief, low backscatter strength, and acoustic transparency.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This map describes the nature of the seafloor in Chatham Sound and adjacent areas of British Columbia.

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