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TitleTargeted Geoscience Initiative 5: contributions to the understanding and exploration of porphyry deposits
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorPlouffe, AORCID logo (ed.); Schetselaar, EORCID logo (ed.)
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 616, 2021, 223 pages, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Lang.English; French
Mediaon-line; digital
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ProvinceBritish Columbia; New Brunswick; Newfoundland and Labrador; Nova Scotia; Quebec; Yukon
NTS92I/09; 92I/10; 1; 2; 10; 11; 12; 20; 21; 22; 31H; 31I; 31P; 32A; 32H; 82L/04; 82L/05; 82L/12; 82L/13; 92I/01; 92I/02; 92I/03; 92I/06; 92I/07; 92I/08; 92I/11; 92I/14; 92I/15; 92I/16; 92O/16; 92P/13; 92P/14; 92P/15; 93A/02; 93A/03; 93A/04; 93A/05; 93A/06; 93A/07; 93A/10; 93A/11; 93A/12; 93A/13; 93A/14; 93A/15; 93B/01; 93B/08; 93B/09; 93B/16; 93N; 93O/04; 93O/05; 93O/12; 93O/13; 94B/04; 94B/05; 94C/01; 94C/02; 94C/03; 94C/04; 94C/05; 94C/06; 94C/07; 94C/08; 115J/09; 115J/10; 115J/11; 115J/14; 115J/15; 115J/16; 93B/02; 93B/07; 93B/10; 115J/06; 115J/07; 115J/08
AreaKamloops; Casino Creek; Likely; Quesnel River; Cariboo River; Horsefly Lake; Fraser River; Yukon River; Stevenson Ridge; Selwyn River
Lat/Long WENS-120.5500 -120.4833 50.6833 50.6333
Lat/Long WENS-120.2667 -120.2667 50.6833 50.5333
Lat/Long WENS-120.4833 -120.4833 50.7000 50.6167
Lat/Long WENS -72.5000 -52.0000 52.0000 42.0000
Lat/Long WENS-121.5000 -119.5000 51.0000 50.0000
Lat/Long WENS-122.5000 -120.5000 52.8333 51.7500
Lat/Long WENS-125.7500 -123.7500 56.5000 55.0000
Lat/Long WENS-139.1667 -138.1667 63.0000 62.5000
Lat/Long WENS-122.5833 -121.2500 52.6667 52.1667
Lat/Long WENS-121.2500 -121.2500 52.4167 52.1667
Lat/Long WENS-139.2500 -138.1667 63.0000 62.3833
Lat/Long WENS-124.0000 -120.0000 53.0000 50.0000
Subjectseconomic geology; Science and Technology; Nature and Environment; geophysics; structural geology; tectonics; geochronology; stratigraphy; mineralogy; geochemistry; surficial geology/geomorphology; mineral deposits; porphyry deposits; mineral exploration; ore mineral genesis; mineralization; ore controls; copper; gold; alteration; alteration halos; geophysical surveys; seismic surveys; seismic profiles; seismic waves; p waves; seismic velocities; acoustic surveys; boreholes; field methods; in-field instrumentation; geophysical logging; density logging; bedrock geology; structural features; faults; fractures; lithology; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; picrites; diorites; monzonites; volcanic rocks; basalts; latites; mineral occurrences; magnetic surveys; gravity surveys; radiometric surveys; geophysical interpretations; magnetic interpretations; total field magnetics; magnetic anomalies; magnetic susceptibility; magnetite; apatite; mining activities; models; intrusions; plutons; dykes; mapping techniques; magnetotelluric surveys; core samples; conductivity; resistivity; porosity; trend surface analyses; structural controls; sedimentary rocks; sandstones; software; modelling; Upper Devonian; metals; polymetallic ores; tungsten; molybdenum; tin; tectonic history; magmatism; orogenies; accretion; fluid flow; emplacement; faulting; plate margins; geodynamics; host rocks; shear zones; granitic rocks; kinematic analysis; radiometric dating; uranium lead dating; structural analyses; crustal structure; lithosphere; Lower Jurassic; Upper Triassic; tectonostratigraphic zones; mantle; magmatic arcs; subduction; alkalinity; homoclines; uranium lead dates; zircon dates; porphyry copper; exploration methods; heavy mineral analyses; geochemical analyses; stream sediment geochemistry; silts; stream water geochemistry; groundwater geochemistry; mineral assemblages; stream sediment samples; size fractionation; mineralogical analyses; breccias; chalcopyrite; element distribution; provenance; propylitization; hydrothermal alteration; detrital minerals; epidote; metamorphic rocks; metavolcanic rocks; metasedimentary rocks; glacial deposits; tills; till geochemistry; statistical analyses; glacial history; ice flow; glacial erosion; sediment dispersal; tourmaline; trace element geochemistry; major element geochemistry; minor element geochemistry; colour; textures; crystallography; veins; till samples; pressure-temperature conditions; skarn deposits; vein deposits; iron geochemistry; tectonic setting; hydrothermal systems; fracturing; thermal regimes; scanning electron microscope analyses; granodiorites; monzo-granites; tonalites; sands; Iron Mask Batholith; Canadian Cordillera; Iron Mask Pluton; Cherry Creek Pluton; Nicola Group; Nicola Horst; New Afton Mine; Cherry Creek Tectonic Zone; New Afton Deposit; Pothook Deposit; Kamloops Group; Appalachian Orogen; Quesnel Terrane; Cache Creek Terrane; Guichon Creek Batholith; Takomkane Batholith; Granite Mountain Batholith; Hogem Batholith; Rossland Group; Ymir Group; Thuya Batholith; Iron Lake Suite; Copper Mountain Suite; Wildhorse Suite; Guichon Creek Suite; Slocan Group; Casino Deposit; Yukon-tanana Terrane; Intermontane Belt; Gibraltar Deposit; Mount Polley Deposit; Woodjam Deposit; Mount Polley Intrusive Complex; Casino Suite; Highland Valley Deposit; Sheridan Creek Stock; alluvial sediments; Methodology; ice-flow directions; Automation; Phanerozoic; Mesozoic; Jurassic; Triassic; Paleozoic; Devonian; Cenozoic; Quaternary; Tertiary; Cretaceous; Permian; Carboniferous; Mississippian; Precambrian; Proterozoic
Illustrationsgeoscientific sketch maps; cross-sections; location maps; geophysical profiles; plots; lithologic sections; profiles; geophysical logs; magnetic profiles; models; 3-D models; 3-D images; geochronological charts; tables; photomicrographs; ternary diagrams; schematic representations; schematic cross-sections; photographs; flow diagrams
ProgramTargeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-5) Intrusion/Porphyry ore systems - porphyry processes - mineral markers
Released2021 09 01
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This Bulletin published by the Geological Survey of Canada contains ten articles summarizing the results of five-year research projects conducted on porphyry deposits in Canada as part of the Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI). Porphyry deposits are ore bodies, including past-producing and active mines, associated with intrusive rocks such as granite. They are significant producers of a variety of metals, including copper, molybdenum, tin and tungsten. Nine out of ten papers describe projects conducted in the Canadian Cordillera where most Canadian porphyry deposits occur and a paper on similar, but older deposits in the Appalachians of Atlantic Canada. The main objective of these TGI research projects was to better define the geological conditions where porphyry deposits form and test techniques to detect buried porphyry deposits in support of mineral exploration.

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