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TitleAn experimental investigation of fixed and fluidized beds as adsorbers in compact thermal energy storage systems
AuthorBardy, D AORCID logo; Cruikshank, C A; Tezel, F H; Carrier, Y H; Wong, B
SourceJournal of Energy Storage vol. 31, 101648, 2020.,
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20200382
Mediaon-line; digital
SubjectsScience and Technology; fluid mechanics; fluid dynamics; energy; thermal analyses; Storage
Released2020 08 04
AbstractA bench-scale adsorption thermal energy storage system based on fixed and fluidized beds of zeolite 13X was developed and its performance experimentally investigated. Few studies of moving-bed adsorbers have been conducted compared to fixed-bed types, which many high-powered prototypes have been based on. The novelty of this research lies in the adsorption breakthrough and temperature data produced for zeolite - water vapour adsorption in a fluidized bed, providing an empirical assessment of fluidization as a method of solid-gas contacting for the application of low-temperature thermochemical energy storage. This study provides further insight on the effects of air flow rate and relative humidity on the adsorption breakthrough, temperature lift, and thermal energy storage potential of 8 × 12 and 60 × 65 mesh zeolite 13X adsorbents in fixed and fluidized beds, respectively. The results show that the developed bench-scale system could deliver 190-253 watt-hours of space heat per kilogram of zeolite at peak temperatures of 35-58 °C.

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