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TitleThe dinoflagellate cyst genera Achomosphaera Evitt 1963 and Spiniferites Mantell 1850 in Pliocene to modern sediments: a summary of round table discussions
AuthorMertens, K NORCID logo; Van Nieuwenhove, NORCID logo; Gurdebeke, P RORCID logo; Aydin, H; Bogus, KORCID logo; Bringue, MORCID logo; Dale, B; De Schepper, SORCID logo; de Vernal, A; Ellegaard, M; Grothe, A; Gu, H F; Head, M J; Heikkila, MORCID logo; Limoges, AORCID logo; Londeix, L; Louwye, S; Marret, F; Masure, E; Matsuoka, K; Mudie, P J; Penaud, AORCID logo; Pospelova, V; Price, A M; Ribeiro, SORCID logo; Rochon, A; Sangiorgi, F; Schreck, M; Torres, V; Uzar, S; Versteegh, G J M; Warny, S; Zonneveld, K
SourcePalynology vol. 42, 1, 2018 p. 10-44, Open Access logo Open Access
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20200267
PublisherTaylor & Francis Inc
MeetingWorkshop on Gonyaulax Diesing 1866; Oostend; BE; July 6-9, 2015
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
SubjectsNature and Environment; paleontology; Science and Technology; sedimentology; sediments; Pliocene; micropaleontology; microfaunas; taxonomy; nomenclature
Released2018 12 14
AbstractWe present a summary of two round-table discussions held during two subsequent workshops in Montreal (Canada) on 16 April 2014 and Ostend (Belgium) on 8 July 2015. Five species of the genus Achomosphaera Evitt 1963 and 33 of the genus Spiniferites Mantell 1850 emend. Sarjeant 1970 occuring in Pliocene to modern sediments are listed and briefly described along with remarks made by workshop participants. In addition, several holotypes and topotypes are reillustrated. Three species previously assigned to Spiniferites are here considered/accepted as belonging to other genera: Impagidinium inaequalis (Wall and Dale in Wall et al. 1973) Londeix et al. 2009, Spiniferites? rubinus (Rossignol 1962 ex Rossignol 1964) Sarjeant 1970, and Thalassiphora balcanica Baltes & 1971. This summary forms the basis for a set of papers that follows, where points raised during the workshops are explored in greater detail.

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