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TitleMineral and carving-stone resources of Baffin Island
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AuthorHarrison, J C; Saumur, B MORCID logo; Skipton, D R
SourceGeological synthesis of Baffin Island (Nunavut) and the Labrador-Baffin Seaway; by Dafoe, L TORCID logo (ed.); Bingham-Koslowski, NORCID logo (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 608, 2022 p. 389-407, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediaon-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Geological synthesis of Baffin Island (Nunavut) and the Labrador-Baffin Seaway
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NTS16; 25G; 25H; 25I; 25J; 25K; 25L; 25M; 25N; 25O; 25P; 26; 27; 35P; 36; 37; 38A; 38B; 38C; 38D; 47C; 47D; 47E; 47E; 47F; 47G; 47H; 48A; 48B; 48C; 48D; 57E; 57H; 58A; 58D
AreaBaffin Island; Bylot Island
Lat/Long WENS -90.5000 -60.0000 74.0000 61.0000
Subjectseconomic geology; fossil fuels; Science and Technology; Nature and Environment; mineral deposits; mineral potential; iron; base metals; precious metals; zinc; lead; silver; diamond; carving stone, commodity; soapstone; coal; gem stones; sapphire; spinel; cobalt; uranium; thorium; tungsten; niobium; tantalum; gold; platinum; palladium; nickel; copper; titanium; fluorite; gypsum; sulphides; molybdenum; fluorine; barium; bedrock geology; lithology; igneous rocks; mafic rocks; ultramafic rocks; intrusive rocks; kimberlites; peridotites; sedimentary rocks; iron formations; metamorphic rocks; metasedimentary rocks; marbles; serpentinites; intrusions; sills; mining; mines; quarries; Archean; Mary River District; Borden Basin; Nanisivik Deposit; Piling Group; Lake Harbour Group; Foxe Fold Belt; Turner River Prospect; Rowley River Prospect; Nivalis Lake Showing; Ikatuyak Quarry; Ikatuyak Deposit; Koonark Deposit; Opingivik Quarry; platinum group elements; Precambrian; Proterozoic
Illustrationsgeoscientific sketch maps; aerial photographs; photographs
ProgramGEM2: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals GEM Synthesis
Released2022 08 15
AbstractMineral resources of Baffin Island include iron (Mary River), diamonds, carbonate-hosted zinc and lead (Nanisivik), nickel, copper, platinum group elements, uranium, thorium, gemstones (sapphire, spinel, lapis lazuli), carving stone, and coal. Iron deposits include the Mary River No. 1 to 4 deposits of northern Baffin Island, which came into production in 2015 and contain 586 Mt grading 66% Fe. The Mesoproterozoic Borden Basin hosts the Nanisivik deposit, mined between 1976 and 2002; this is a Mississippi Valley-type deposit and contains 9.0% Zn, 0.7% Pb, and 41 ppm Ag. Diamond-rich kimberlite occurs as sheets and small pipes at Chidliak on Hall Peninsula; largest by area is the CH-1 (6 ha) pipe. At least 32 carving-stone localities are known; 7 communities on Baffin Island have good access to quarried material. Coal occurs in the Cretaceous-Paleogene Eclipse Trough of Bylot and northwestern Baffin islands. Exposures near Pond Inlet have been excavated for local use.
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The mineral resources of Baffin Island include iron, diamonds, gemstones, zinc, lead, nickel, copper, platinum group elements, uranium, thorium, carving stone and coal. The iron ore deposits in the Mary River Neoarchean Group (ca. 2.76 to 2.72 Ga) include the Mary River Deposit on northern Baffin Island, which began production in 2015 and containing 993 mT of 66% Fe of measured, indicated and inferred ore. Prospects in the Kimmirut region of southern Baffin include lapis lazuli, sapphires and 26 base and precious metal showings. The Nanisivik deposit, located in the Mesoproterozoic basin of Borden, is a Mississippi Valley (MVT) carbonate-type deposit composed of 9.0% Zn, 0.9% Pb and 41 ppm Ag. Twenty-two additional showings of zinc, lead, silver and copper are documented in the area. Diamond-rich kimberlites are found in the Chidliak region of Hall Peninsula in southeastern Baffin Island. There are also small deposits of coal in the Cretaceous-Paleogene of Bylot Island and northwest of Baffin Island, which have been excavated for local use.

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