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TitleDesignation of a neotype and paraneotype for Conularina triangulata (Raymond, 1905) (Upper Ordovician, eastern North America)
AuthorVan Iten, H; Cournoyer, M E; Coyne, MORCID logo
SourceJournal of Paleontology vol. 94, no. 4, 2020 p. 796-797,
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20190527
PublisherPaleontology Society
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf; html
Lat/Long WENS -74.0000 -73.5000 45.7500 45.5000
Subjectspaleontology; Nature and Environment; Science and Technology; Upper Ordovician; systematic paleontology; holotypes; Conularina triangulata; Conulariids; Laval Formation; Ottawa Formation; Sandbian; National Collection of Invertebrate and Plant Type Fossils; Phanerozoic; Paleozoic; Ordovician
ProgramGSC Central Canada Division
Released2020 07 01
Conularina triangulata (Raymond, 1905), the genotype of Conularina Sinclair, 1942, is a rare, early Late Ordovician conulariid (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa; Van Iten et al., 2006) having three sides or faces instead of four (Sinclair, 1942, fig. 9; Van Iten, 1992, text-fig. 3E). Originally described from the Valcour Formation (early Sandbian; Dix et al., 2013) on Valcour Island, New York (Sinclair, 1942), C. triangulata has since been found in laterally equivalent strata of the upper Laval Formation (-Upper Chazy-; Sinclair, 1942) in Laval, Québec, Canada (Sinclair, 1942). From this same unit and area, Sinclair (1942) erected three new, four-sided species of Conularina (C. irrasa, C. raymondi, and C. undosa), and he erected a single four-sided species (C. narrawayi) from the Ottawa Formation (now the Sandbian-Katian Ottawa Group; Dix et al., 2013) at Tétreauville (now Gatineau), Québec. Subsequently, Jerre (1994) reported the occurrence of two species of Conularina in the Upper Ordovician of Sweden. Jerre (1994) also proposed that Eoconularia- forensis Sinclair, 1946 from the Upper Ordovician Citadelle Formation (-Quebec City- Formation; Sinclair, 1946) in Québec City, Québec (Promontoire de Québec thrust sheet, Appalachian Humber Zone, Allochtonous Domain; Castonguay et al., 2002) is a species of Conularina.

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