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TitleReport of 2018 activities for the GEM-2 Rae glacial history activity in the eastern Northwest Territories and the Kitikmeot and Kivalliq regions, Nunavut
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AuthorCampbell, J E; McMartin, IORCID logo; Normandeau, P X; Godbout, P -M
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 8586, 2019, 16 pages, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Documentopen file
Mediaon-line; digital
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ProvinceNorthwest Territories; Nunavut
NTS65M/03; 65M/04; 65M/05; 65M/06; 65M/11; 65M/12; 65M/13; 65M/14; 66D/03; 66D/04; 66D/05; 66D/06; 66D/11; 66D/12; 66D/13; 66D/14; 75N/01; 75N/02; 75N/07; 75N/08; 75N/09; 75N/10; 75N/15; 75N/16; 75O; 75P; 76A; 76B; 76C/01; 76C/02; 76C/07; 76C/08; 76C/09; 76C/10; 76C/15; 76C/16; 76F/01; 76F/02; 76F/07; 76F/08; 76F/09; 76F/10; 76F/15; 76F/16; 76G; 76H/02; 76H/03; 76H/04; 76H/05; 76H/06; 76H/07; 76H/10; 76H/11; 76H/12; 76H/13; 76H/14; 76H/15; 76I/02; 76I/03; 76I/04; 76I/05; 76I/06; 76I/07; 76J/01; 76J/02; 76J/03; 76J/04; 76J/05; 76J/06; 76J/07; 76J/08; 76K/01; 76K/02; 76K/07; 76K/08
AreaKitikmeot; Kivalliq; Healey Lake; Aylmer Lake; Thelon Game Sanctuary; Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve
Lat/Long WENS-109.0000 -103.0000 66.5000 63.0000
Subjectssurficial geology/geomorphology; geochronology; glacial history; glaciation; ice flow; ice movement directions; ice transport directions; sediment transport; sediment dispersal; dispersal patterns; ice margins; deglaciation; ice retreat; glacial deposits; glacial landforms; glacial features; eskers; lineations; glacial striations; tills; boulders; sands; proglacial lakes; glacial erosion; till samples; provenance; bedrock geology; terrain analysis; terrain types; Rae Province; Laurentide Ice Sheet; Keewatin Sector; Keewatin Ice Divide; Thelon Basin; Dubawnt Lake Ice Stream; Dubawnt Supergroup; Barrenlands Group; ice-flow directions; glaciofluvial sediments; Phanerozoic; Cenozoic; Quaternary
Illustrationslocation maps; geoscientific sketch maps; photographs
ProgramGEM2: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals Rae Province, Synthesis of glacial history
ProgramStrategic Initiatives in Northern Economic Development (SINED)
ProgramPolar Continental Shelf Program
Released2019 06 11
The GEM-2 Rae Synthesis of Glacial History and Dynamics Activity centers on the interior region of the Keewatin Sector of the Laurentide Ice Sheet (LIS) and is divided into sectors, 1 (east) and 2 (west) for research management purposes. This publication summarizes the 2018 fieldwork completed in Sector 2 centered on the Aylmer-Healey lakes area of eastern Northwest Territories and mainland Kitikmeot region of Nunavut, as well as data compilation progress in Sector 1 over the Kivalliq and Kitikmeot regions.
The 2018 summer's fieldwork focused on targeted mapping of glacial flow indicators to provide insight into the ice-flow chronology west of the Keewatin Ice Divide (KID), documenting the nature and composition of the glacial sediments in various glacial terrains, and sampling material for age dating to help reconstruct the regional glacial and deglacial histories. This work will provide new geological knowledge of the glacial landscapes to address specific scientific questions with respect to the paleo-glacial dynamics of the Keewatin Sector of the LIS. This work is relevant to the mineral exploration industry, communities and government by supporting informed decision making for resource exploration and land use management.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This Open File report summarizes the 2018 field work activities completed in the Healey Lake NWT and adjacent Kitikmeot,NU area for the GEM2 Rae Glacial Synthesis Activity. The report outlines the research methods and provides and discusses preliminary results regarding the relative ice-flow chronology and the nature and composition of the glacial sediments of various glacial landscapes.The work was undertaken to provide new geological knowledge on the history of ice flow events and help understand glacial transport characteristics across major glacial landscapes in this region. The findings will support informed decision making for resource exploration and land use management.

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