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TitleGeological synthesis of Baffin Island (Nunavut) and the Labrador-Baffin Seaway
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AuthorDafoe, L TORCID logo (ed.); Bingham-Koslowski, NORCID logo (ed.)
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 608, 2022, 432 pages, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediaon-line; digital
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ProvinceNunavut; Newfoundland and Labrador; Northern offshore region
NTS3; 14; 15; 16; 23I; 23O; 23P; 25A; 25G; 25H; 25I; 25J; 25K; 25L; 25M; 25N; 25O; 25P; 26; 27; 28; 29A; 29B; 29C; 29D; 35P; 36A; 36B; 36C; 36D; 36E; 36F; 36G; 36H; 36I; 36P; 37; 38; 39A; 39B; 39C; 39D; 47E; 47F; 47G; 47H; 48A; 48B; 48C; 48D; 48E; 57E; 57H; 58A; 58D; 36; 38A; 38B; 38C; 38D; 47C; 47D; 37G; 38B/01; 38B/02; 38B/03; 38B/04; 38B/05; 38B/06; 47G/01; 47G/08; 47G/09; 47G/10; 47G/15; 47G/16; 48B/01; 48B/02; 48B/07; 48B/08; 48B/09; 48B/10; 48B/15; 48B/16; 48C/01; 48C/02; 48C/07; 48C/08; 48D/01; 48D/02; 48D/03; 48D/04; 48D/05; 48D/06; 48D/07; 48D/10; 48D/11; 48D/12; 13I; 13J; 13N; 13O; 13P; 14C; 14F; 14K; 14L; 14M; 14N; 15C; 15D; 15E; 15F; 15K; 15L; 15M; 15N; 26A; 26B; 26G; 26H; 16M; 16N; 26P; 37H
AreaBaffin Island; Baffin Bay; Bylot Island; Davis Strait; Labrador; Labrador Sea; Borden Peninsula; Cumberland Sound; Frobisher Bay; Home Bay; Qaqulluit; Salmon River; Scott Inlet; Lancaster Sound; Smith Sound; Nares Strait; Devon Island; Ellesmere Island; Cape Chidley; Canada; Greenland; Denmark
Lat/Long WENS -90.5000 -43.0000 78.0000 52.0000
Lat/Long WENS -90.5000 -60.0000 74.0000 61.0000
Lat/Long WENS -86.0000 -76.0000 74.0000 71.0000
Lat/Long WENS -90.5000 -54.0000 74.0000 52.0000
Lat/Long WENS -86.0000 -60.0000 74.2500 65.5000
Lat/Long WENS -66.0000 -44.0000 61.2500 53.0000
Lat/Long WENS -68.0000 -56.0000 68.0000 61.2500
Lat/Long WENS -81.0000 -56.0000 77.0000 67.0000
Lat/Long WENS -75.0000 -43.0000 77.5000 51.5000
Subjectsregional geology; stratigraphy; structural geology; tectonics; economic geology; fossil fuels; Science and Technology; Nature and Environment; geochronology; geochemistry; paleontology; geophysics; mineralogy; sedimentology; Health and Safety; bedrock geology; lithology; structural analyses; stratigraphic analyses; geological history; crustal evolution; tectonic history; basin evolution; rifting; land use; mineral deposits; petroleum resources; hydrocarbons; craton; terranes; Archean; sutures; basement geology; mafic rocks; ultramafic rocks; metamorphic rocks; gneisses; orthogneisses; metasedimentary rocks; pelites; semipelites; psammites; quartzites; marbles; metavolcanic rocks; mafic metavolcanic rocks; sedimentary rocks; iron formations; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; monzo-granites; granodiorites; diorites; gabbros; hornblendites; tonalites; felsic intrusive rocks; volcanic rocks; andesites; rhyolites; volcaniclastics; mafic volcanic rocks; lava flows; basalts; structural features; folds; tectonic setting; plate margins; continental margins; magmatism; magmatic arcs; intrusions; batholiths; plutons; sills; emplacement; orogenies; orogenic regions; deformation; accretion; crustal shortening; basins; unconformities; radiometric dating; uranium lead dating; zircon dates; isotopic studies; carbon isotopes; field relations; tectonostratigraphic zones; breccias; arenites; siltstones; shales; carbonates; dolostones; flysch; molasse; clastics; faults; fault zones; grabens; depositional history; depositional environment; paleoenvironment; clasts; provenance; tectonic evolution; dykes, mafic; faulting; correlations; paleomagnetism; lithostratigraphy; geometric analyses; metallogeny; mineral occurrences; base metals; zinc; lead; copper; sulphides; pyrite; ore mineral genesis; ore controls; micropaleontology; microfossils; limestones; sandstones; dolomites; faults, normal; systematic stratigraphy; nomenclature; stratigraphic correlations; continental shelf; geophysical interpretations; seismic interpretations; geophysical logging; exploration wells; core samples; petroleum occurrence; source rocks; folding; erosion; burial history; diagenesis; biostratigraphy; palynology; palynomorphs; fossils; fossil assemblages; thin section microscopy; Paleogene; Paleocene; Neogene; Pleistocene; sea floor spreading; volcanism; continental crust; oceanic crust; mantle; conglomerates; coal; claystones; mudstones; evaporites; anhydrite; gypsum; salt; siderite; anorthosites; tuffs; hornfels; fractures; magnetic interpretations; seismic profiles; seismic reflection surveys; potassium argon dating; serpentinization; dykes; plate motions; kimberlites; faults, strike-slip; crustal thickness; subsidence; fracture zones; paleoclimates; organic geochemistry; vitrinite reflectance; red beds; grainstones; picrites; faults, extension; faults, thrust; faults, transform; columnar jointing; fossil plants; faunas; macrofossils; fossil zones; sedimentary basins; crustal structure; geophysical surveys; seismic refraction surveys; drillholes; gas; bitumen; sedimentary structures; bathymetry; submarine features; flora; paleoclimatology; paleocurrents; sedimentation; crustal movements; clay mineralogy; oxygen isotopes; Holocene; Recent; tectonic elements; rifts; magmas; Mohorovicic discontinuity; paleogeography; stress patterns; magnetic anomalies; gravity interpretations; gravity anomalies; satellite geodesy; Eocene; seismology; seismicity; seismic risk; earthquakes; earthquake risk; earthquake magnitudes; stress orientation; epicentres; glacial history; isostasy; modelling; seismological network; seismographs; fault plane solutions; mineral potential; iron; precious metals; silver; diamond; carving stone, commodity; soapstone; gem stones; sapphire; spinel; cobalt; uranium; thorium; tungsten; niobium; tantalum; gold; platinum; palladium; nickel; titanium; fluorite; molybdenum; fluorine; barium; peridotites; serpentinites; mining; mines; quarries; petroleum exploration; hydrocarbon potential; resource estimation; oil; petroleum industry; remote sensing; satellite imagery; radar methods; oil slicks; gas seeps; oil seeps; boreholes; turbidites; diatomite; hyaloclastites; reservoir rocks; porosity; organic carbon; hydrogen index; hydrocarbon generation; thermal maturation; permeability; Paleoproterozoic; Trans-Hudson Orogen; Rae Craton; Mary River Group; Piling Group; Dewar Lakes Formation; Flint Lake Formation; Bravo Lake Formation; Astarte River Formation; Longstaff Bluff Formation; Hoare Bay Group; Qikiqtarjuaq Plutonic Suite; Meta Incognita Microcontinent; Lake Harbour Group; Blandford Bay Assemblage; Lona Bay Sequence; Schooner Harbour Sequence; Frobisher Suite; Cumberland Batholith; Narsajuaq Terrane; Churchill Domain; Superior Craton; Foxe Fold Belt; Dorset Fold Belt; Cape Smith Belt; Povungnituk Group; Laurentia; Baffin Suture; Mesoproterozoic; Borden Basin; Bylot Supergroup; Nauyat Formation; Adams Sound Formation; Arctic Bay Formation; Fabricius Fiord Formation; Iqqittuq Formation; Ikpiarjuk Formation; Angmaat Formation; Nanisivik Formation; Nanisivik Deposit; Victor Bay Formation; Athole Point Formation; Strathcona Sound Formation; Aqigilik Formation; Sinasiuvik Formation; Grenville Orogen; Franklinian Margin; Milne Inlet Graben; Eclipse Trough; Mackenzie Large Igneous Province; White Bay Fault Zone; Tikirarjuaq Fault Zone; Magda Fault Zone; Baffin Fault Zone; Keystone Fault; Keystone Graben; Franklin Dykes; Labrador Margin; Labrador Shelf; Saglek Basin; Hopedale Basin; Hopedale E-33 Well; South Hopedale L-39 Well; Tyrk P-100 Well; Gudrid H-55 Well; Roberval K-92 Well; Indian Harbour M-52 Well; Freydis B-87 Well; Gallery Formation; Turner Cliffs Formation; Ship Point Formation; Baillarge Formation; Cape Crauford Formation; Frobisher Bay Formation; Amadjuak Formation; Akpatok Formation; Foster Bay Formation; Baffin Island Shelf; Indian Harbour Formation; Greenland Margin; Labrador Sea Basin; Alexis Formation; Bjarni Formation; Snorri Member; Markland Formation; Freydis Member; Gudrid Formation; Cartwright Formation; Kenamu Formation; Brown Mudstone Member; Leif Member; Mokami Formation; Saglek Formation; Cartier D-70 Well; Herjolf M-92 Well; Snorri J-90 Well; Bjarni H-81 Well; Leif M-48 Well; Skolp E-07 Well; Karlsefni A-13 Well; North Atlantic Craton; Makkovik Orogen; Grenville Province; Lady Franklin Basin; Baffin Shelf; North Ungava Basin; Maniitsoq Basin; Cumberland Basin; Quqaluit Formation; Gjoa G-37 Well; Hekja O-71 Well; Ralegh N-18 Well; North American Plate; Greenland Plate; Davis Strait High; Lady Franklin Arch; West Greenland Margin; Baffin Basin; Baffin Fan; Lady Ann Basin; Carey Basin; Glacier Basin; North Water Basin; Inglefield Mobile Belt; Buchan Graben; Scott Graben; Philpots Ridge; Buchan Trough; Bower Fracture Zone; Eurekan Orogeny; Ocean Drilling Program Site 645; Foraminifera; Nannofossils; Diatoms; Dinoflagellates; Radiolarians; Sisimiut Basin; Ikermiut Fault Zone; Nuussuaq Group; West Greenland Basalt Group; Baffin Bay Basin; Ikermiut Basin; Nuuk Basin; West Greenland Platform; Paamiut South Basin; Aasiaat Basin; Narssârssuk Group; Dundas Group; Baffin Bay Group; Nares Strait Group; Smith Sound Group; Franklinian Basin; Thule Basin; Kap York Basin; Kivioq Basin; Upernavik Basin; Baffin Island Margin; Nuussuaq Basin; Melville Bay Graben; Ammonites; Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum; Eocene Thermal Maximum; Early Eocene Climatic Optimum; Mid-Miocene Climatic Optimum; Labrador Current; Acritarchs; Fylla Structural Complex; Gjoa High; Sisimuit Basin; Ataneq Formation; Manîtsoq Formation; Kangâmiut Formation; Nukik Formation; Ikermut Formation; Appat-Kitsissut Clastics; Upemavik Basin; Kivioq Ridge; Melville Bay Ridge; North American Craton; GRAV3D; Ungava Fault Zone; Labrador Se Basin; Cartwright Arch; Cartwright Fracture Zone; Hudson Fracture Zone; Hecla High; Maniitsoq High; Okak Arch; Snorri Fracture Zone; Canadian National Earthquake Database; Canadian National Seismograph Network; Mary River District; Turner River Prospect; Rowley River Prospect; Nivalis Lake Showing; Ikatuyak Quarry; Ikatuyak Deposit; Koonark Deposit; Opingivik Quarry; West Greenland Shelf; Saglek Bank; Nain Bank; Hopedale Saddle; Makkovik Bank; Cartwright Saddle; Hamilton Bank; Davis Strait Shelf; Frobisher Bay Basin; Imapqik Basin; Taruit Basin; Scott Trough; Atane Formation; Itilli Formation; Anariartorfik Member; Kangilia Formation; Annertuneq Member; Agatdal Formation; Vaigat Formation; Itilli Fault; Hellefisk Formation; Narssamiut Formation; Atanikerluk Formation; Eqalulik Formation; Quikavsak Formation; Upernivik Naes Formation; Slibestensfjeldet Formation; Kome Formation; Maligât Formation; outcrops; Data processing; platinum group elements; synthetic aperture radar surveys (SAR); Licensing; Phanerozoic; Cenozoic; Mesozoic; Paleozoic; Precambrian; Proterozoic; Silurian; Ordovician; Cambrian; Tertiary; Cretaceous; Quaternary; Jurassic
Illustrationsindex maps; geoscientific sketch maps; photographs; location maps; stratigraphic charts; cross-sections; schematic cross-sections; lithologic sections; geophysical logs; profiles; photomicrographs; correlation charts; tables; stratigraphic sections; seismic profiles; 3-D images; correlation sections; biostratigraphic charts; plots; aerial photographs; time series; histograms
ProgramGEM2: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals Baffin Region Atlas
Released2022 08 15
The Labrador Sea, Davis Strait, and Baffin Bay offshore regions, collectively referred to as the Labrador-Baffin Seaway, and their onshore margins including Baffin Island, Bylot Island, and West Greenland, form a region with a complex geological history developed through successive tectonic events. This complex geological and tectonic history is described in detail in this volume, a collaborative undertaking under the Geological Survey of Canada's Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals 2 program (GEM-2), with contributions from external partners. Knowledge from pre-existing studies, essential contributions from collaborators, and GEM research results have been incorporated into the 14 papers contained in this volume, which summarize previous geological and geophysical knowledge and include novel insights from a regional perspective that serve as a guide for future research and exploration activities. The papers in the volume highlight both onshore and offshore studies in order to produce a comprehensive synopsis of the geological history of the region, with corresponding high-resolution reference maps and figures, and select GIS data sets. This compilation is divided into sections covering Precambrian and Paleozoic geology, Mesozoic to present geology, and resources within the region.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
Knowledge of the bedrock geology and tectonic history of Canada's North, specifically modern map coverage of onshore Baffin Island and offshore stratigraphy and structure of the Labrador-Baffin Seaway, has significantly improved since the commencement of the Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) Program in 2008. The Baffin Geological Synthesis provides a digital, publically available, comprehensive document that summarizes the geological and tectonic understanding of Baffin Island and the Labrador-Baffin Seaway that has been developed through GEM and its collaborators over the last decade. The volume is divided into three sections with a total of 14 papers: Part 1 - Precambrian and Paleozoic; Part 2 - Mesozoic to Present; and Part 3 - Land Use.

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