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TitleTargeted Geoscience Initiative: 2018 report of activities
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorRogers, N (ed.)
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 8549, 2019, 448 pages, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
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ProvinceQuebec; Ontario; British Columbia; Yukon; Newfoundland and Labrador; Manitoba; Nunavut; Alberta; New Brunswick; Nova Scotia; Saskatchewan
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AreaAbitibi; Timmins; Matheson; Atlin; Mount Hodnett; Tally Ho Mountain; Annie Lake; Wheaton River; Engineer; Montana Mountain; Mount Skukum; Tutshi Lake; Moon Lake; Racine Lake; Taglish lake; Bennett Lake; Middle Ridge; Wilding Lake; Leaf Rapids; Lynn Lake; Rankin Inlet; Howard's Pass; MacMillan Pass; Peel River; Richardson Mountains; Eagle Plains; Windy Craggy Mountain; Rocky Mountains; Fernie; Kicking Horse Pass; Snow Lake; Kamloops; Cape Breton Island; Leonard MacLeod Brook; Halifax; Fraser River; Cache Creek; Merritt; Likely; Williams Lake; Casino Creek; Lake Nipigon; Lake Superior; Forest Lake; Murison Lake; Jacques Lake; Moran Lake; Anna Lake; Snegamook Lake; Kanairiktok River; Nunavik; Lac Vaillant; Lac Rinfret; Lac Cross; Sudbury; Elliot Lake; Lake Huron; Ungava Peninsula; Raglan; Thompson; Ring of Fire; Whale Lake; Mammoth Lake; Bathurst; Saint John
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Lat/Long WENS -80.0000 -70.0000 62.0000 47.0000
Lat/Long WENS -89.5000 -89.2333 48.1667 48.0000
Lat/Long WENS-102.0000 -60.0000 64.0000 40.0000
Lat/Long WENS -87.2294 -85.3836 52.9694 52.5814
Subjectseconomic geology; structural geology; tectonics; geochronology; geochemistry; mineralogy; igneous and metamorphic petrology; regional geology; sedimentology; stratigraphy; fossil fuels; geophysics; surficial geology/geomorphology; mathematical and computational geology; mineral deposits; mineral exploration; ore mineral genesis; mineralization; ore controls; Archean; sulphide deposits; gold; structural controls; greenstone belts; tectonic setting; deformation; magmatism; intrusions; dykes; plutons; strain; quartz veins; carbonate; tourmaline; alteration; silicification; chloritization; biotitization; bedrock geology; lithology; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; gabbros; porphyries; greenstones; monzodiorites; diabases; monzonites; volcanic rocks; basalts; andesites; felsic volcanic rocks; tuffs; volcaniclastics; mafic volcanic rocks; sedimentary rocks; turbidites; conglomerates; iron formations; argillites; siltstones; cherts; structural features; faults; faults, reverse; fault zones; folds; splays; drillholes; core samples; calcite; talc; dacites; rhyodacites; rhyolites; joints; veinlets; pyrite; chalcopyrite; carbonatization; sericitization; metamorphism; foliation; schistosity; volcanism; sills; shearing; radiometric dating; uranium lead dating; veins; epigenetic deposits; mineral enrichment; tectonic history; hydrothermal systems; metamorphic rocks; metasedimentary rocks; carbonate rocks; greywackes; shear zones; nodules; textural analyses; fluid dynamics; scanning electron microscope analyses; mass spectrometer analysis; petrographic analyses; geochemical analyses; trace element analyses; morphology; isotopic studies; nickel; mineral potential; petrogenesis; mantle; ophiolites; serpentinization; whole rock analyses; ultramafic rocks; chondrites; epithermal deposits; mesothermal deposits; mylonites; lineations; granodiorites; zircon dates; mineral occurrences; fractures; sulphides; slickensides; kinematic analysis; modelling; field relations; orogenesis; mineral assemblages; fabric analyses; thermal analyses; mafic intrusive rocks; strata-bound deposits; replacement deposits; folding; greenschist facies; hydrothermal alteration; Algoma type iron formations; mafic rocks; sedimentary ore deposits; geophysical logging; limestones; mudstones; grainstones; landslide deposits; debris flow deposits; breccias; porosity; permeability; bedding planes; fluid flow; transport mechanisms; sedimentary structures; faults, thrust; anticlines; synclines; zinc; lead; volcanic exhalitive zone; volcano-sedimentary ore deposits; hydrothermal deposits; marine environments; bulk composition; stable isotope studies; molybdenum geochemistry; shales; sandstones; carbonates; dolomites; volcano-sedimentary strata; granites; host rocks; drill core analyses; silver; barium; depositional environment; mineral associations; sedimentary environment; diagenesis; barite; felsic intrusive rocks; paragenesis; microscopic analysis; molybdenum; thallium geochemistry; sedimentary basins; black shales; clastics; silts; paleoenvironment; sea water geochemistry; precipitation; spectrometric analyses; organic geochemistry; organic carbon analyses; platinum; palladium; iron; lithogeochemistry; sulphur isotope ratios; sulphur geochemistry; sedimentary environments; sedimentation; paleogeography; metals; fluid migration; hydrocarbons; pyrobitumen; hydrocarbon generation; nickel geochemistry; vanadium geochemistry; zinc geochemistry; organic materials; mineralogical analyses; base metals; copper; cobalt; volcanogenic deposits; fluid inclusions; salinity; major element analyses; total dissolved solids; Upper Triassic; analytical methods; lead isotope ratios; fluorine; magnesite; carbon isotopes; oxygen isotopes; dolostones; sedimentary facies; continental margins; prospecting techniques; geophysical interpretations; magnetotelluric interpretations; electrical resistivity; conductivity; lithostratigraphy; exploration methods; porphyry deposits; alteration halos; geophysical surveys; acoustic surveys; seismic surveys; seismic profiles; seismic waves; boreholes; diorites; picrites; densities; tin; tungsten; antimony; granitic rocks; whole rock geochemistry; silica; geochemical anomalies; europium; tectonic environments; partial melting; crustal evolution; thermal history; temperature; statistical analyses; gneisses; lead lead dates; lead uranium ratios; hafnium; pressure-temperature conditions; emplacement; subduction zones; polymetallic ores; tonalites; marbles; psammites; orogenies; fabric analysis; garnet; indium; crystallization; batholiths; leucogranites; monzo-granites; epidote; zircon; glacial deposits; tills; till analyses; glacial features; ice flow; isotope ratios; cerium; neodymium; antimony geochemistry; arsenic geochemistry; electron probe analyses; Neogene; stream sediment geochemistry; bulk samples; stream water geochemistry; heavy mineral analyses; hydrogen isotopes; mineral zoning; electron microscope analyses; trace element geochemistry; textural classifications; major element geochemistry; till samples; stream sediment samples; unconformity-type deposit; uranium; boron geochemistry; metamorphic environment; basins; source rocks; basement geology; spectroscopic analyses; infrared spectral analyses; gamma ray logging; magnetic susceptibility; reflectance; clay minerals; crystallography; thermal maturation; x-ray diffraction analyses; orthogneisses; unconformities; vanadium; arsenic; metasomatism; volcanology; volcanic-sedimentary belts; plate margins; thin section microscopy; field work; diabase dykes; tectonic interpretations; metallogeny; neodymium samarium dates; mines; mining properties; precious metals; rifts; chromium geochemistry; silicates; xenoliths; chromium; titanium; metallogenic provinces; geological history; tectonic evolution; tectonostratigraphic zones; continental crust; lava flows; mining activities; production; flow regimes; stratigraphic analyses; Abitibi Greenstone Belt; Detour Lake Mine; Vortex Deposit; Martiniere-Bug Lake Deposit; Deloro Assemblage; Caopatina Assemblage; Sunday Lake Deformation Zone; Lower Detour Deformation Zone; Bapst Fault Zone; Grasset Fault Zone; Grasset Ultramafic Complex; Massicotte Deformation Zone; Detour Lake Formation; Bug Lake Porphyry; Doyon-Bousquet-LaRonde Mining Camp; LaRonde Zone 5; Blake River Group; Bousquet Formation; Superior Province; Larder Lake-cadillac Fault Zone; Lac Parfouru Fault; Lac Imau Fault; Doyon Fault; Bousquet Fault; Bousquet Property; LaRonde Property; Kidd-munro Assemblage; Tisdale Assemblage; Porcupine Assemblage; Timiskaming Assemblage; Blake River Assemblage; Stoughton-roquemaure Assemblage; Pacaud Assemblage; Bell Creek Deposit; Bradshaw Deposit; Canadian Cordillera; Cache Creek Terrane; Llewellyn Fault; Tally-Ho Shear Zone; Nisling Terrane; Stikinia Terrane; Tintina Gold Belt; Juneau Gold Camp; Sloko Group; Windy Table Coplex; Carmacks Group; Stuhini Group; Laberge Group; Boundary Ranges Metamorphic Suite; Whitehorse Plutonic Suite; Bennett Granite; Lewes River Group; Povoas Formation; Red Indian Line; Victoria Lake Sear Zone; Rogerson Lake Conglomerate; Valentine Lake Thrust Fault; Red Ochre Complex; Elm Zone; Antler Property; Dunnage Zone; Gander Zone; Paleoproterozoic; Lynn Lake Greenstone Belt; MacLellan gold deposit; Hearne-La Ronge-Lynn Lake Block; Sask Craton; Hearne Craton; Superior Craton; Trans-hudson Orogeny; Sickle Group; Ralph Lake conglemates; Burntwood Group; Wasekwan Group; Pool Lake Intrusive Suite; Eden Carbonatite; Wathaman Suite; Churchill Province; Rankin Inlet Greenstone Belt; Meliadine District; Tiriganiaq Deposit; Pyke Fault; Lower Fault; Oxide Formation; Tiriganiaq Formation; Canadian Shield; Amaruq Deposit; Woodburn Lake Greenstone Belt; Woodburn Lake Group; Rumble Assemblage; Rae Domain; Snow Island Suite; Whale Tail Zone; IVR Zone; Rackla Belt; Sunrise Prospect; Osiris Prospect; Osiris Limestone; Gametrail Formation; Osiris Mudstone; Nadaleen Formation; Neoproterozoic; Nadaleen Fault; Osiris Fault; Osiris Anticline; Selwyn Basin; Road River Group; Duo Lake Formation; Earn Group; Mackenzie Platform; Anniv East Deposit; Tom Deposit; Jason Deposit; Richardson Trough; Yukon Stable Block; Peel Plateau; Peel Plain; Imperial Formation; Canol Formation; Moss showing; Windy Craggy Deposit; Tats Volcanic Complex; Alexander Terrane; Saint Elias Subterrane; Admiralty Subterrane; Craig Subterrane; Foreland Belt; Kicking Horse Rim; Rock Canyon Creek Deposit; Oldman Deposit; Boivin Deposit; Shag Deposit; Hawk Creek Deposit; Cathedral Escarpment; Ancestral North America; Rocky Mountain Trench; Lalor Deposit; New Afton Deposit; Acadian Orogeny; Neoacadian Orogeny; Central Plutonic Belt; Juniper Barren Granite; Lost Lake Granite; Ganderia; Aspy Terrane; Bras d'Or Terrane; Eastern Highlands Shear Zone; Black Brook Granite Suite; Appalachian Orogen; Peri-gondwanan Realm; Park Spur Granite; Cheticamp Lake Gneiss; White Point Granite; Gillis Mountain Pluton; Avalonia; Mira Terrane; Gillis Brook Pluton; Easach Ban Pluton; Leonard MacLeod Brook Pluton; Big Barren Pluton; Bothan Brook Pluton; Bras-d'Or Terrane; Roper Brook Diorite; Appalachian Orogeny; Chéticamp Gneiss; Salinic Orogeny; Wilkie Brook Shear Zone; Cameron Brook Granodiorite; Clyburn Brook Formation; Gisborne Flowage Diorite; South Mountain Batholith; Meguma Terrane; East Kemptville Deposit; Meguma Supergroup; Davis Lake Pluton; East Dalhousie Pluton; Halifax Pluton; New Ross Pluton; West Dalhousie Pluton; Goldenville Group; White Rock Formation; Torbrook Formation; Tancook Island Formation; Nickerson Point Formation; High Head Formation; Eastern Shore Formation; Gibraltar Deposit; Granite Mountain Batholith; Gibraltar Mine; Mount Polley Deposit; Woodjam Deposit; Highland Valley Deposit; Chilcotin Group; Nicola Group; Takomkane Batholith; Thuya Batholith; Guichon Creek Batholith; Sheridan Creek Stock; Casino Deposit; Yukon-tanana Terrane; Intermontane Belt; Sibley Basin; Athabasca Basin; Sibley Group; Quetico Subprovince; Innis Lake Showing; Malborne Lake Showing; Patterson Lake Corridor; Taltson Domain; Rae Province; Arrow Prospect; Triple R Prospect; Spitfire Prospect; Clearwater project; Harpoon discovery; Taltson Magmatic Zone; Athabasca Group; Manitou Falls Formation; Lazenby Lake Formation; Central Mineral Belt; Central Mineral Belt Uranium Geochemistry Database (CMBUG); Jacques Lake Deposit; Michelin Deposit; Two Time Zone-Snegamook Deposit; Moran Lake C Zone Deposit; Anna Lake Deposit; Kanairiktok Deposit; Moran Lake Group; Post Hill Group; Nain Craton; Bruce River Group; Seal Lake Group; Mesoproterozoic; Cape Smith Belt; Southern Domain; Chukotat Group; Esker Lake Group; Povungnituk Group; Nuvilic Formation; Cécilia Formation; Beauparlant Formation; Nituk Formation; Kuuvvaluk Formation; Bélanger Gabbroic Suite; Expo Trend; Raglan Trend; Expo Dykes; Ungava Large Igneous Province; Nipissing Diabase; Maguire Dyke; Senneterre Dyke; Klotz Dyke; Triangle Mountain Sill; Shakespeare Intrusion; Sudbury Igneous Complex; Huronian Supergroup; Whitewater Group; Midcontinent Rift; Crystal Lake Intrusion; Logan Sills; Cloud River Dykes; Mount Mollie Intrusion; Pigeon River Dykes; Rove Formation; Duluth Complex; Eagle Deposit; Tamarack Deposit; Current Lake Deposit; Marathon Deposit; Coldwell Complex; Current Lake Intrusive Complex; Steepledge Intrusive Complex; Quetico Metasedimentary Belt; McFaulds Lake Greenstone Belt; Bird River Domain; Uchi Domain; Oxford-Stull Domain; La Grande Rivière Domain; Eastmain Domain; Wawa-Abitibi Terrane; North Caribou Terrane; Hudson Bay Terrane; Baie Chapus Intrusion; Pipestone Deposit; Ring of Fire Intrusive Suite; Koper Lake Subsuite; Ekwan River Subsuite; Black Thor Intrusion; Double Eagle Intrusion; Esker Intrusive Complex; Eagle's Nest Dyke; platinum group elements; Methodology; Inheritance; ice-flow directions; alluvial sediments; Databases; Classification; Phanerozoic; Cenozoic; Quaternary; Tertiary; Mesozoic; Cretaceous; Jurassic; Triassic; Paleozoic; Permian; Carboniferous; Mississippian; Devonian; Silurian; Ordovician; Cambrian; Precambrian; Proterozoic
Illustrationsgeoscientific sketch maps; photographs; schematic cross-sections; location maps; stratigraphic sections; plots; geochemical profiles; photomicrographs; geochemical plots; tables; cross-sections; geological time charts; cross-sections, structural; geological sketch maps; schematic sections; geophysical logs; profiles; charts; schematic representations; lithologic sections; schematic models; bar graphs; stratigraphic charts; correlation sections; geochronological charts; histograms; 3-D models; graphs; models; geophysical profiles; ternary diagrams; Concordia diagrams; frequency distribution diagrams; diagrams; gamma ray logs; spectra; pie charts; stratigraphic columns
ProgramTargeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-5) Knowledge Management Coordination
Released2019 03 01
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
The Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI) is directed towards providing next generation knowledge and methods to facilitate more effective targeting of buried mineral deposits. The program aims to enhance the effectiveness of exploration for Canada's major mineral systems by resolving foundational geoscience problems that constrain the geological processes responsible for the liberation metals from their source region, transportation of these ore metals and control their eventual deposition. TGI supports projects on gold, Ni-Cr-PGE, porphyry-style mineralization, uranium and volcanic- and sedimentary-hosted base metal mineralization ore systems, with each project divided into subprojects focused on resolving specific knowledge gaps by integrating data and studies from multiple sites across Canada. Herein, we present interim results and interpretations from a selection of the research activities currently being conducted under the auspices of TGI.

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