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TitleA renaissance in regional hydrogeology
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AuthorRudolph, D L
SourceRegional-Scale Groundwater Geoscience in Southern Ontario: An Ontario Geological Survey, Geological Survey of Canada, and Conservation Ontario Geoscientists Open House; by Russell, H A JORCID logo; Ford, D; Holysh, S; Priebe, E H; Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 8528, 2019 p. 25, Open Access logo Open Access
Alt SeriesOntario Geological Survey, Open File Report 6349
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
PublisherGovernment of Ontario
MeetingRegional-Scale Groundwater Geoscience in Southern Ontario: Open House; Guelph; CA; February 27-28, 2019
Documentopen file
Mediaon-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Regional-Scale Groundwater Geoscience in Southern Ontario: An Ontario Geological Survey, Geological Survey of Canada, and Conservation Ontario Geoscientists Open House
File formatpdf
Subjectshydrogeology; environmental geology; groundwater; aquifers; groundwater resources; resource management; groundwater regimes; water quality; groundwater pollution; water utilization; modelling; watersheds; governments; Water quantity
Released2019 02 08
AbstractOver the last five decades hydrogeologic research has evolved through a series of different core areas. The focus has changed based on significant scientific breakthroughs within the emerging discipline and on societal priorities that have influenced funding opportunities. In recent years, significant attention and research activity have refocussed on regional groundwater assessment, one of the foundational topics in modern hydrogeology. This renewed emphasis is related to a deterioration in the apparent resilience of groundwater systems due to chronic influences of legacy contaminants, overexploitation and increased variability within the water cycle. The recent water quantity crises in the USA and western Canada, and the Source Water Protection work underway in Ontario, have illustrated some of the significant impacts on regional groundwater resources within the North American context. Emerging sensor technology, modeling platforms and increasing access to large data sets is enhancing the understanding of key processes and providing unprecedented quantitative insight within the entire hydrologic cycle at the watershed scale. Challenges remain with the optimal integration of data streams into modeling platforms to ensure appropriate parameterization and minimize uncertainty associated with the results. In this presentation, the increasing emphasis on regional hydrogeologic assessment will be discussed within the context of how it may influence the Government awareness and prioritization of groundwater in Canada as a strategic, economic and yet vulnerable resource.
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Volume of abstracts for Ontario Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Canada groundwater geoscience Open house with Conservation Ontario.

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