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TitleVSP acquisition with combined fiber-optic DAS and permanent seismic source ACROSS for permanent reservoir monitoring at the Aquistore site
AuthorNakatsukasa, M; Ban, H; Kato, A; Shimoda, N; White, DORCID logo; Nickel, E
SourceSEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2018; 2018 p. 5273-5277,
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20180357
PublisherSociety of Exploration Geophysicists
MeetingSociety of Exploration Geophysicists; Anaheim; US; October 15, 2018
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
Lat/Long WENS-103.5000 -103.0000 49.2500 49.0000
Subjectsfossil fuels; geophysics; reservoirs; reservoir data; seismology; acoustic surveys
Released2018 10 15
AbstractWe analyzed the ACROSS - DAS VSP baseline data with offsets to ~770 m acquired in the Aquistore CO2 storage site in Canada to demonstrate its potential for permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM). The data was recorded for 8 hours. Stacking data improved S/N in accordance with the square root of the stacking number. The data quality was comparable with dynamite -DAS VSP data in the same field. Reservoir reflectors at ~3250 m depth between the source and the DAS well were imaged by applying reverse time migration (RTM). The resulting image has high correlation with a synthetic seismogram at the injection well ~150 m away from the DAS well. These results demonstrate the high potential of ACROSS - DAS combination in permanent reservoir monitoring to continuously monitor small changes in seismic properties in the reservoir.

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