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TitleReconstructing deep-time histories from integrated thermochronology: An example from southern Baffin Island, Canada
AuthorMcDannell, K TORCID logo; Schneider, D A; Zeitler, P K; O'Sullivan, P B; Issler, D RORCID logo
SourceThermo 2018; by Braun, J (ed.); Spiegel, C (ed.); Terra Nova 2019 p. 1-16,
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20180308
MeetingThermo 2018 - 16th International Conference on Thermochronology; Quedlinburg; DE; September 16-21, 2018
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf (Adobe® Reader®); html
ProvinceNunavut; Quebec
NTS15; 16; 25; 26; 27A; 27B; 35; 36; 37A
AreaBaffin Island; Cumberland Peninsula; Hall Peninsula; Iqaluit; Foxe Peninsula; Terra Incognita Peninsula; Ungava Peninsula
Lat/Long WENS -80.0000 -60.0000 68.5000 61.0000
Subjectsgeochronology; thermal history; modelling; radiometric dating; uranium lead dating; apatite; argon argon dating; feldspar; zircon dates; fission-track dates; geological history; burial history; bedrock geology; lithology; igneous rocks; mafic volcanic rocks; tuffs; intrusive rocks; diorites; monzo-granites; kimberlites; sedimentary rocks; psammites; metamorphic rocks; gneisses; metasedimentary rocks; semipelites; Trans-Hudson Orogeny; Hoare Bay Group; Phanerozoic; Mesozoic; Paleozoic; Precambrian; Proterozoic
Illustrationslocation maps; geoscientific sketch maps; tables; plots; spectra; time series; histograms; frequency distribution diagrams
ProgramGEM2: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals TransGEM
Released2019 03 04
AbstractWe present a multi-chronometric approach for reconstructing deep-time thermal histories using southern Baffin Island as a case study. This continuous thermal history begins with the Palaeoproterozoic Trans-Hudson Orogeny and is derived from inverse and forward models that integrate thermochronometers spanning some 500°C: new apatite U-Pb ages and K-feldspar 40Ar/39Ar multi-diffusion domain data, published (U-Th)/He zircon ages and new multi-kinetic fission-track results. Integration of data from a wider temperature range reduces ambiguities in thermal-history modelling and permits us to constrain the timing of geological processes including, extended post-orogenic cooling, enhanced later Proterozoic cooling, and then episodic burial and exhumation in the Palaeozoic-Mesozoic.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
We present a geochemical dataset from multiple methods that provide bearing on the thermal history of southern Baffin Island, Nunavut. This history has implications for regional plate tectonic and burial/erosion evolution over the past 1.8 billion years, offering insight into Canadian Shield dynamics.

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