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TitleEvaluation of Northern Hemisphere and regional snow extent products within ESA SnowPEx-project
AuthorMetsamaki, S; Ripper, E; Mattila, O -P; Fernandes, RORCID logo; Schwaizer, G; Luojus, K; Nagler, T; Bojkov, B; Kern, M
SourceIEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium proceedings vol. 2017-July, 8127939, 2017 p. 4246-4249,
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20181662
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
Subjectsgeophysics; remote sensing
ProgramClimate Change Geoscience
Released2017 12 04
AbstractThe major results and findings made during the ESA SnowPEx project concerning the evaluation of the Earth Observation-based moderate resolution snow products is presented. Both the Northern Hemisphere (NH) Snow Extent (SE) daily products as well a few regionally available products by different data providers are addressed. Comparison against daily at-ground observed Snow Depth is made, after first converting all the snow products and the in-situ observations to binary 'snow/no-snow' information. We first introduce the datasets employed in the analyses, then describe the applied methodology and finally present the major findings obtained.

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