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TitleReflection seismology: example using different seismic sources / La sismique réflexion : Exemple utilisant différentes sources sismiques
AuthorDietiker, B; Pugin, A; Cartwright, T; Brewer, K; Crow, H; Griffiths, M
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Scientific Presentation 86, 2018, 1 sheet, (Open Access)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Lang.English; French
Mediaon-line; digital
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File formatpdf
Subjectsgeophysics; environmental geology; stratigraphy; environmental studies; geophysical surveys; seismic reflection surveys; seismic waves; seismic profiles; seismic velocities; bedrock geology; structural features; sediments; stratigraphic analyses; environmental assessment; scientific equipment
Illustrationsseismic reflection profiles; seismic images
ProgramGroundwater Geoscience, Aquifer Assessment & support to mapping
Released2018 05 29
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
As part of the 175th anniversary of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), staff of the Booth Street Complex in Ottawa participated in the Doors Open 2017 event. The near surface geophysics group showcased reflection seismology by displaying examples using different seismic sources. This poster compares the Minivib source with a smaller more portable source called Microvibe. The IVI Minivib 1 is a 9 ton vehicle with a vibrating mass of 140kg. The Microvibe's total weight is 180 kg. Despite the smaller size and decreased weight, the new Microvibe is capable of creating subsurface images with more detail.