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TitleIndicator minerals in till and stream sediments of the Canadian Cordillera
AuthorFerbey, T (ed.); Plouffe, AORCID logo (ed.); Hickin, A S (ed.)
SourceGeological Association of Canada, Special Paper vol. 50, 2017, 243 pages
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20180023
Alt SeriesMineralogical Association of Canada, Topics in Mineral Sciences 47
PublisherGeological Association of Canada
PublisherMineralogical Association of Canada
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ProvinceBritish Columbia; Yukon
NTS82; 83; 84; 85; 92; 93; 94; 95; 96; 102; 103; 104; 105; 106; 107; 114; 115; 116; 117
Lat/Long WENS-141.0000 -113.5000 70.0000 48.0000
Subjectseconomic geology; surficial geology/geomorphology; mineral deposits; mineral exploration; mineral occurrences; prospecting techniques; drift prospecting; porphyry deposits; copper; gold; molybdenum; ore mineral genesis; mineralization; alteration; glacial deposits; tills; glacial history; glaciation; deglaciation; sediment transport; sediment dispersal; glacial features; glacial striations; glacial flutings; crag and tail; glacial landforms; drumlins; till samples; chalcopyrite; gold; epidote; jarosite; tourmaline; zircon; rutile; andradite; titanite; pyrite; apatite; bedrock geology; lithology; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; size fractionation; scanning electron microscope analyses; Canadian Cordillera; Intermontane Belt; Quesnel Terrane; Cache Creek Terrane; Gibraltar Mine; Hihgland Valley Copper Mine; Mount Polley Mine; Woodjam Prospect; Burgess Creek Stock; Sheridan Stock; Granite Mountain Batholith; Ste. Marie Plutonic Suite; Mount Polley Intrusive Complex; Takomkane Batholith; Guichon Creek Batholith; ice-flow directions; Phanerozoic; Cenozoic; Quaternary; Tertiary; Mesozoic; Cretaceous; Jurassic; Triassic
Illustrationsgeoscientific sketch maps; models; tables
ProgramTargeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-5) Porphyry systems
ProgramTargeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-5) Specialty metal systems
ProgramTargeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-4)
ProgramNSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Released2017 01 01

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