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TitleThickness records of glacial Lake Ojibway varves from Duparquet and Dufresnoy lakes, northwestern Quebec
AuthorBrooks, G R
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 8360, 2018, 15 pages (2 sheets), (Open Access)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediaon-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is related to Brooks, G R; (2016). A varve record of Lake Ojibway glaciolacustrine deposits from Lac Dasserat, northwestern Quebec, Canada, Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 8089
File formatreadme
File formatpdf (Adobe® Reader®); rtf; csv; xlsx (Microsoft® Excel®)
NTS32D/06; 32D/07; 32D/10; 32D/11
AreaLac Duparquet; Lac Dufresnoy; La Sarre; Rouyn-Noranda
Lat/Long WENS -79.4167 -78.9167 48.5333 48.3333
Subjectssurficial geology/geomorphology; stratigraphy; surface waters; lakes; lacustrine deposits; glaciolacustrine deposits; varves; lake sediments; lake sediment thickness; core samples; radiographic interpretations; unconformities; disconformities; stratigraphic correlations; glacial lakes; glacial lake deposits; earthquakes; seismicity; seismic zones; landslides; landslide deposits; Glacial Lake Ojibway; Timiskaming Sediments; Laurentide Ice Sheet; Western Quebec Seismic Zone; mass transport deposits; Phanerozoic; Cenozoic; Quaternary
Illustrationslocation maps; tables; core logs; correlation sections; plots
Natural Resources Canada Library - Ottawa (Earth Sciences)
ProgramAssessing Earthquake Geohazards, Public Safety Geoscience
Released2018 03 26
AbstractThe thicknesses of 537 and 387 rhythmic couplets were measured along composite sequences of glacial Lake Ojibway glaciolacustrine deposits recovered in cores from Duparquet and Dufresnoy lakes, Quebec, respectively. The couplets span varve numbers 1137 to 1742 (Lac Duparquet) and 1189 to 1625 (Lac Dufresnoy) with respect to the Timiskaming varve series. Erosional unconformities (or disconformities) below v1484 cause 51 and 47 varves to be 'missing' in both the Duparquet and Dufresnoy varve records, respectively. Error in the varve numbering relative to the Timiskaming varve series is estimated to be ±2 varves. Varve thickness data for each lake are listed in separate digital spreadsheet files (.xlsx and .csv formats). Mosaic posters depict CT-Scanner radiograph images of each set of lake cores and show the interpreted varve numbering and the between-coring-site correlations of the varve couplets.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
Varves are annual layers of sediments that can form in lakes. This Open File reports varve data from lakes Duparquet and Dufresnoy, northwestern Quebec. This data is useful for dating deposits of interest in both lakes. It is also useful for correlating varve sequences between different locations in the region.