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TitleDeep source model for Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, Colombia, constrained by interferometric synthetic aperture radar observations
AuthorLundgren, P; Samsonov, S VORCID logo; Lopez Velez, C M; Ordonez, M
SourceGeophysical Research Letters vol. 42, 2015 p. 4816-4823, Open Access logo Open Access
Alt SeriesNatural Resources Canada, Contribution Series 20170203
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
AreaNevado del Ruiz; Andes; Colombia
Lat/Long WENS -75.5000 -75.1667 5.0000 4.5500
Subjectsvolcanic features; volcanoes; deformation; remote sensing; radar imagery; sills; dykes; RADARSAT-2
Illustrationssatellite images; location maps; graphs; histograms
Released2015 06 24
AbstractNevado del Ruiz is part of a large volcano complex in the northern Andes of Colombia. Interferometric synthetic aperture radar observations from the RADARSAT-2 satellite since 2011 show steady inflation of the volcano since 2012 at 3–4?cm/yr. The broad (>20?km) deformation pattern from both ascending and descending track data constrain source models for either point or spheroidal sources, both located at >14?km beneath the surface (mean elevation 4.2?km) and 10?km SW of Nevado del Ruiz, below nearby Santa Isabel Volcano. Stress change computations for both sources in the context of a compressive regional stress indicate that dikes propagating from the source should become trapped in sills, possibly leading to a more complex pathway to the surface and explaining the significant lateral separation of the source and Nevado del Ruiz Volcano.

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