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TitleStratigraphic revision of the Franklinian stratigraphy of the northern Axel Heiberg fold belt, Nunavut
AuthorHadlari, T; Madronich, L I
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 8238, 2017, 14 pages,
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Documentopen file
Mediaon-line; digital
File formatpdf
NTS560A/13; 560A/14; 560D/03; 560D/04; 560D/05; 560D/06
AreaCanadian Arctic Archipelago; Axel Heiberg Island; Rens Fiord; Jaeger Lake; Greenstone Lake; Aurland Fiord
Lat/Long WENS -95.0000 -92.0000 81.4000 80.7667
Subjectsstratigraphy; stratigraphic analyses; stratigraphic nomenclature; stratigraphic correlations; bedding planes; bedrock geology; lithology; sedimentary rocks; sandstones; dolostones; igneous rocks; volcanic rocks; basalts; lava flows; pillow lavas; clastics; breccias; fossils; stromatolites; structural features; folds; anticlines; Stallworthy Formation; Svartavaeg Formation; Hazen Formation; Aurland Fiord Formation; Jaeger Lake assemblage; Rens Fiord Sandstone; Franklinian Shelf; Phanerozoic; Paleozoic; Devonian; Silurian; Ordovician; Cambrian
Illustrationsgeological sketch maps; stratigraphic charts; photographs
ProgramPearya Terrane, North Ellesmere, GEM2: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals
Released2017 04 25
AbstractNew outcrop observations from fieldwork conducted near Rens Fiord on northern Axel Heiberg Island are described that clarify the pre-Mississippian stratigraphy. It is recommended to use the informal term Rens Fiord Sandstone for rocks previously assigned to the Grantland Formation. Dolostone of the Aurland Fiord Formation contains an inter-stratified succession of basalt flows within it, for which the older informal term of Jaeger Lake Assemblage is recommended. The Hazen Formation which could range in age from Cambrian to Early Silurian overlies the Aurland Fiord Formation. The revised stratigraphic order from oldest to youngest is Rens Fiord Sandstone, Aurland Fiord Formation containing the Jaeger Lake Assemblage, and Hazen Formation.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This work reports on fieldwork conducted on northern Axel Heiberg Island. We provide revisions of the stratigraphy to refine the bedrock geological framework of the study area.