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TitleGeological and geochemical data from the Canadian Arctic Islands. Part XIV: Compilation of Rock-Eval/TOC and mineralogical data from upper Paleozoic strata of the Sverdrup Basin
AuthorGalloway, B J
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 8154, 2016, 26 pages, (Open Access)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Documentopen file
Mediadigital; on-line
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NTS49; 58G; 58H; 59; 68E; 68G; 68H; 69; 78F; 78G; 78H; 79; 88; 89; 98; 340A; 340B; 340C; 340D; 560A
AreaCanadian Arctic Archipelago; Cornwallis Island; Bathurst Island; Helena Island; King Christian Island; Ellef Ringnes Island; Devon Island; Ellesmere Island; Graham Island; Banks Island; Melville Island
Lat/Long WENS-124.0000 -72.0000 82.0000 72.0000
Subjectsfossil fuels; geochemistry; mineralogy; oil geochemistry; oil analyses; chromatographic analyses; gas chromatography; mass spectrometer analysis; hydrocarbons; hydrocarbon geochemistry; geochemical analyses; organic geochemistry; organic materials; organic carbon; petroleum exploration; exploration wells; boreholes; core samples; sedimentary basins; sedimentary rocks; shales; Sverdrup Basin; Andreasen L-32; Brock C-50; Buckingham O-68; Cape Fleetwood M-21; Chads Creek B-64; Cornwall O-30; Depot Island C-44; Depot Point L-24; Drake Point D-68; Drake Point L-67; Eldridge Bay E-79; Emerald K-33; Fosheim N-27; Graham C-52; Hecla J-60; Intrepid Inlet H-49; Isachsen J-37; Jameson Bay C-31; Kitson River C-71; Marie Bay D-02; Marryatt K-71; N. Buckingham L-71; Neil O-15; Pollux G-60; Robert Harbour K-07; Sandy Point L-46; Satellite F-68; Sherard Bay F-34; Skybattle Bay C-15; Weatherall O-10; West Bent Horn E-43; West Bent Horn G-02; West Bent Horn I-01; West Bent Horn M-12; Wilkins E-60; saturate fraction; rock-eval; Phanerozoic; Mesozoic; Paleozoic
Illustrationslocation maps; tables; plots; ternary diagrams
Natural Resources Canada Library - Ottawa (Earth Sciences)
ProgramFrontier basin analysis, Geoscience for New Energy Supply (GNES)
Released2016 12 21
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This report summarized geochemical data from upper Paleozoic rocks in oil and exploration wells in the Canadian Arctic Islands.