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TitleRapport géologique sur la région minière de Chibougamau dans la partie septentrionale de la Province de Québec
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AuthorLow, A P
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Separate Report 955, 1906, 63 pages (1 sheet),
MapsPublication contains 1 map
Map Info.geological, 1:253,440
RelatedThis publication contains Low, A P; (1906). Geological map of the Chibougamau region, Quebec, Geological Survey of Canada, Multicoloured Geological Map no. 918
RelatedThis publication is a translation of Low, A P; (1906). Geological report on the Chibougamau mining region in the northern part of the province of Quebec, Geological Survey of Canada, Separate Report no. 923
File formatpdf
NTS32G/09; 32G/10; 32G/11; 32G/12; 32G/13; 32G/14; 32G/15; 32G/16; 32H/12NW; 32H/12SW; 32H/13NW; 32H/13SW; 32I/04NW; 32I/04SW; 32I/05SW; 32J/01; 32J/02; 32J/03; 32J/04; 32J/05SE; 32J/05SW; 32J/06SE; 32J/06SW; 32J/07SE; 32J/07SW; 32J/08SE; 32J/08SW
AreaChibougamau Mining Region; Lake St. John; Lac St-Jean; Lake Chibougamau; Obatogamau Lake; Wakonichi Lake; Obatogamau River; Doré Lake; Mistassini Lake; Chibougamau River
Lat/Long WENS -76.0000 -73.7500 50.2667 49.5000
Subjectsregional geology; economic geology; mineral deposits; mineral occurrences; asbestos; copper; gold; iron; lead; zinc; bedrock geology; lithology; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; granites; hornblende; biotite; gabbros; anorthosites; serpentine; diabases; metamorphic rocks; schists; gneisses; sedimentary rocks; conglomerates; arkoses; petrography; glacial features; striae; physiography; topography; drainage; transportation; history; forestry; agriculture; fisheries; Precambrian
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Released1906 01 01