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TitleGeohazards in deepwater sectors offshore Newfoundland and Labrador available for parcel nomination in 2016-2019
AuthorPiper, D J W; Saint-Ange, F; Campbell, D C; Mosher, D C; Mackillop, K; Rashid, H
SourceProceedings of the Arctic Technology Conference; 2016 p. 1-9,
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20160118
MeetingArctic Technology Conference; St. Johns NL; CA; October 24-26, 2016
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
ProvinceNewfoundland and Labrador; Offshore region
Lat/Long WENS -65.0000 -40.0000 60.0000 40.0000
Subjectsmarine geology; bathymetry; seismic surveys; piston cores; seafloor topography; tills; gravels; turbidites; overbank deposits; sediment transport; currents
Illustrationslocation maps; bathymetric profiles; geological sketch maps
ProgramMarine Geohazards, Public Safety Geoscience
AbstractSeveral deep-water sectors offshore Newfoundland and Labrador are available for parcel nomination in the next few years. This paper summarizes the current availability of geohazard information from Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) data holdings, Open Files and published papers. It presents background geological information on controls on geohazards, and summarizes the significance of existing published geological and geotechnical data. It focuses on sectors NL01-LS, NL02-LS (southern Labrador Slope), NL02-EN (northern Orphan Basin), and NL01-SEN (Carson and Salar basins), with brief mention of NL-01-SN. It is based on field surveys by the GSC in the past decade, including multibeam bathymetry, high-resolution seismic, and piston cores. The information is applicable to E&P companies considering nominating parcels or submitting bids for leases and to the regulator as a guide to geohazards and sea-floor constraints to exploration and production.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
Extended abstract summarising geohazards and relevant data availability in sectors offshore Newfoundland and Labrador available for parcel nomination by petroleum companies in 2016-2019.