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TitleCanadian Upper Mantle Report 1967
AuthorGeological Survey of Canada
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Paper 67-41, 1967, 245 pages, (Open Access)
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Mediapaper; on-line; digital
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ProvinceQuebec; Ontario; Manitoba; Northwest Territories; Eastern offshore region; Northern offshore region; Canada; Western offshore region
AreaHudson Bay; Atlantic Ocean, North; Juan De Fuca Ridge
Subjectsgeochronology; geophysics; regional geology; marine geology; igneous and metamorphic petrology; tectonics; structural geology; geochemistry; heat flow; potassium argon dates; seismic surveys; gravity surveys, ground; magnetic surveys; bathymetry; earth thermal history; drillholes; crustal movements; earth tides; gravity interpretations; gravity surveys, ship; computer applications; software; magnetic induction; magnetic interpretations; paleomagnetism; array seismology; body wave studies; earthquake mechanisms; seismicity; seismological network; seismology; surface wave studies; continental crust; continental drift; epeirogenesis; epieugeosynclines; eugeosynclines; exogeosynclines; geological evolution; miogeosynclines; mobile belts; rifting; submarine ridges; isotopic studies; seismic surveys, marine; boreholes; craters; chemical analyses; chondrites; isotopes; meteorites; volcanology; radiometric dating; geophysical surveys; magnetic anomalies; oceanic crust; faults; Mid-atlantic Ridge; Riet Mountain Province; Acadian Orogeny; Appalachian Orogeny; Bear Province; Canadian Shield; Churchill Province; Coast Geanticline; Columbian Orogeny; Cordilleran Orogen; Ellesmerian Orogeny; Elsonian Orogeny; Grenville Orogeny; Grenville Province; Hudsonian Orogeny; Innuitian Orogen; Kenoran Orogeny; Nain Province; Omineca Geanticline; Penokean Orogeny; Phanerozoic Orogens; Slave Province; St Elias Insular Shelf; Superior Province; Taconic Orogeny; Tahltanian Orogeny; Lake Superior; Archean Mafic-felsic Cycles; Calcic-alkalic Magma Cycles; Appalachian System; Atlantic Continental Margin; East Pacific Rise; Precambrian; Paleozoic
Illustrationscharts; seismic profiles
Released1967 01 01; 2015 11 17