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TitleVitrinite reflectance data for selected samples from Devono-Mississippian and Lower Cretaceous shale cores in the Liard Basin area, northeast British Columbia
AuthorReyes, J; McMechan, M E; Ferri, F
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 7902, 2015, 18 pages, (Open Access)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Documentopen file
Mediadigital; on-line
File formatpdf
ProvinceBritish Columbia
NTS94O; 94N/01; 94N/02; 94N/07; 94N/08; 94N/16; 94J/09; 94J/10; 94J/11; 94J/12; 94J/13; 94J/14; 94J/15; 94J/16
AreaLiard River; Fort Nelson River
Lat/Long WENS-125.0000 -122.0000 60.0000 58.5000
Subjectsfossil fuels; thermal maturation; maturation; vitrinite reflectance; vitrinite; organic maturity; organic deposits; sedimentary rocks; pyrolysis; organic geochemistry; shales; hydrocarbons; hydrocarbon potential; hydrocarbon generation; Liard Basin; total organic carbon; Mississippian; Pennsylvanian; Devonian; Paleozoic; Mesozoic; Cretaceous
Illustrationstables; location maps
Natural Resources Canada Library - Ottawa (Earth Sciences)
ProgramShale Reservoir Characterization, Geoscience for New Energy Supply (GNES)
Released2015 11 18
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This open file releases vitrinite reflectance determinations obtained for samples from 30 cores of shale in the Liard area of British Columbia. These data fill some of the gaps in thermal maturity data for the Liard Basin.