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TitleOrecretes linking geosciences and life sciences
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AuthorDill, H G
SourceEnvironmental and economic significance of gossans; by Williamson, M -C (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 7718, 2015 p. 40-47, (Open Access)
LinksCanadian Database of Geochemical Surveys, downloadable files
LinksBanque de données de levés géochimiques du Canada, fichiers téléchargeables
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Documentopen file
Mediaon-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Williamson, M -C; (2015). Environmental and economic significance of gossans, Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 7718
File formatpdf
Subjectsmetallic minerals; economic geology; mineralogy; gossans; sulphides; nickel; copper; platinum; sulphide deposits; mineralization; analytical methods; scanning electron microscopy; supergene deposits; heavy minerals
Illustrationsphotographs; cross-sections; flow charts; photomicrographs
Programenvironmental impacts and adaptation in the northern environment, Environmental Geoscience
Released2015 06 17