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TitleRelationships between pluton emplacement, mineralization and deformation at the Gander/Avalon boundary, Newfoundland from a geochronological and thermochronological perspective
AuthorKellett, D A; Rogers, N; McNicoll, V J; van Staal, C R
SourceGeological Association of Canada-Mineralogical Association of Canada, Joint Annual Meeting, Programs with Abstracts vol. 36, 2013 p. 123
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20120480
MeetingGeological Association of Canada - Mineralogical Association of Canada Annual Meeting 2013; Winnipeg; CA; May 22-24, 2013
File formatpdf
ProvinceNewfoundland and Labrador
NTS1M/12; 1M/13; 1M/14; 2C/13; 2D/03; 2D/04; 2D/05; 2D/06; 2D/07; 2D/09; 2D/10; 2D/11; 2D/12; 2D/13; 2D/14; 2D/15; 2D/16; 2E; 2F/04; 2F/05; 2F/06; 2L/04; 2L/12; 2L/13; 2L/14; 2M/04; 2M/05; 2M/12; 11O/09; 11O/10; 11O/11; 11O/14; 11O/15; 11O/16; 11P/09; 11P/10; 11P/11; 11P/12; 11P/13; 11P/14; 11P/15; 11P/16; 12A; 12B/01; 12B/02; 12B/03; 12B/06; 12B/07; 12B/08; 12B/09; 12B/10; 12B/11; 12B/14; 12B/15; 12B/16; 12G/01; 12G/08; 12H; 12I; 12P/01; 12P/02; 12P/03; 12P/07; 12P/08; 12P/09
AreaNewfoundland Appalachians
Lat/Long WENS -60.0000 -53.5000 49.7500 47.5000
Subjectsgeochronology; igneous and metamorphic petrology; structural geology; tectonics; igneous rocks; plutonic rocks; mineralization; deformation; magmatism; bedrock geology; basement geology; stratigraphic correlations; geochronometry; radiometric dating; uranium lead dating; structural features; faults; Gander-Avalon boundary; Gander Zone; Avalon Zone; Dover Fault; Paleozoic; Devonian
ProgramIntrusion/Porphyry Ore Systems, Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-4)
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AbstractDevonian plutonic suites in the Canadian Appalachians are locally associated with Sn, W, Mo and In mineralization. In central Newfoundland some of the most mineralogically-prospective plutons, for example the Ackley Granite, are spatially associated with the Gander/Avalon terrane boundary. This relationship suggests that there may be tectonic and/or structural controls on pluton emplacement and localization of mineralization. Within the Geological Survey of Canada's Targeted Geoscience Initiatives IV Intrusion-Related Mineralization Project the tectonic controls on porphyry-style mineral systems are under examination to determine their potential as a vector towards zones of high mineral prospectivity. Identifying such relationships is especially significant in regions like the Canadian Appalachians where extensive glacial cover often masks direct observations of mineralisation. Here we present preliminary results from our SHRIMP U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar single crystal and in situ geochronological and thermochronological data set. These data are used to constrain the timing of deformation along the Dover fault, which marks the Gander/Avalon terrane boundary, and the regional emplacement/cooling history of plutonism. Implications for tectonics and mineral potential of the region are considered.