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TitleGeology, tectonic assemblage map of Aulavik, Banks Island and northwestern Victoria Island, Northwest Territories
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorHarrison, J C; Ford, A; Miall, A D; Rainbird, R HORCID logo; Hulbert, L J; Christie, R L; Campbell, F H A
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Canadian Geoscience Map 35, 2015, 1 sheet, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Edition2, Prelim.
Maps1 map
Map Info.geological, bedrock and structural geology, 1:500,000
ProjectionLambert Conformal Conic Projection (NAD83)
Mediaon-line; digital
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RelatedThis publication supercedes Geology, tectonic assemblage map of Aulavik, Banks Island and northwestern Victoria Island, Northwest Territories
RelatedThis publication is related to Geology, simplified tectonic assemblage map of the Canadian Arctic Islands, Northwest Territories - Nunavut
File formatreadme
File formatpdf; shp; xml; rtf; xls; JPEG2000
ProvinceNorthwest Territories
NTS87G; 87H; 88A; 88B; 88C; 88D; 97G/09; 97G/15; 97G/16; 97H; 98A; 98B/01; 98B/02; 98B/07; 98B/08; 98B/09; 98B/10; 98B/15; 98B/16; 98C/01; 98C/08; 98C/09; 98C/16
AreaAulavik; Banks Island; Victoria Island
Lat/Long WENS-126.0000 -112.0000 74.0000 71.0000
Subjectsstratigraphy; structural geology; sedimentary rocks; marine deposits; sandstones; dolostones; limestones; shales; igneous rocks; dykes; sills; diapirs; faults; foliation; intrusive rocks; Beaufort Formation; Eureka Sound Formation; Kanguk Formation; Hassel Formation; Christopher Formation; Isachsen Formation; Parry Islands Formation; Weatherall Formation; Blue Fiord Formation; Douro Formation; Arctic Platform Formation; Natkusiak Formation; Kilian Formation; Wynniatt Formation; Minto Inlet Formation; Reynolds Point Formation; Rae Formation; Cenozoic; Tertiary; Mesozoic; Cretaceous; Paleozoic; Devonian; Silurian; Ordovician; Cambrian; Precambrian; Proterozoic
ProgramGEM2: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals Western Arctic Project Management
Released2015 11 18
AbstractThis map and the related geodatabase illustrate the bedrock geology of central and southern Banks Island (including the greater part of Aulavik National Park of Canada) and northwestern Victoria Island. Major features of the area include Meso- and Neoproterozoic strata of Amundsen Basin, diabase sills and extrusive basaltic rocks related to the Franklin Large Igneous Province (ca. 723 Ma), Cambrian to Devonian strata of Arctic Platform and the Ellesmerian foreland, unconformably overlain by near-flat-lying Cretaceous and Paleogene strata of Banks Basin, and unconsolidated Neogene sediments of the Arctic margin.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This map and the accompanying spatial files provide users with a flexible means of accessing the geology of the Canadian Arctic Islands. The present publication is one of fifteen collectively covering all of the Canadian Arctic Islands north and west of Baffin Island.

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