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TitlePaleofluid flow, fracturing and reservoir implications in dolostone reservoirs: examples from foreland vs. cratonic tectonic settings
AuthorAl-Aasm, I S; Haeri Ardakani, O
SourceInaugural Mountjoy Meeting Abstract Book, Advances in Characterization and Modeling of Complex Carbonate Reservoirs; 2015 p. 18
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20140390
MeetingAdvances in Characterization & Modeling of Complex Carbonate Reservoirs, Mountjoy Conference; Banff; CA; August 23-28, 2015
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
ProvinceManitoba; Alberta; British Columbia; Northwest Territories; Yukon
NTS62E; 62F; 62G; 62H; 62I; 62J; 62K; 62L; 62M; 62N; 62O; 62P; 63A; 63B; 63C; 63D; 63E; 63F; 63G; 63H; 63L; 63M; 64D; 64E; 72E; 72F; 72G; 72H; 72I; 72J; 72K; 72L; 72M; 72N; 72O; 72P; 73; 74A; 74B; 74C; 74D; 74E; 74F; 74G; 74H; 74L; 74M; 75D; 75E; 82E; 82F; 82G; 82H; 82I; 82J; 82K; 82L; 82M; 82N; 82O; 82P; 83; 84; 85A; 85B; 85C; 85D; 85E; 85F; 85G; 85H; 93A; 93B; 93C; 93H; 93I; 93J; 93O; 93P; 94; 95A; 95B; 95C; 95D; 95E; 95F; 95G; 95H
AreaWestern Canadian Sedimentary Basin
Lat/Long WENS-128.0000 -96.0000 62.0000 49.0000
Subjectssedimentary basins; basins; heat flow; fractures; basin evolution; fracture filling deposits; fluid flow; porosity; permeability; pore fluids; reservoir fluids; thermal maturation; tectonic evolution; petroleum exploration; thermal alteration; deformation; dolomitization; brine; intracratonic basins; basin analyses
ProgramShale Reservoir Characterization, Geoscience for New Energy Supply (GNES)
AbstractThermal-tectonic evolution of sedimentary basins involves mass and heat flux along fractures, which may have important implications for hydrocarbon exploration. Fluid flux along fractures during basin evolution is often expressed in the formation of vein minerals, primarily carbonates. Filling of fractures by several cement generations can serve as unique record of the origin and geochemical evolution of fluids during basin evolution. Fracturing and concomitant fluid flow as consequence of tectonic deformation of sedimentary basins can induce considerable diagenetic alterations, such as dolomitization and modifications to porosity and permeability of the host. A challenging problem in petroleum geology is to constrain the composition of the diagenetic fluids, which form fracture mineralization, within the context of thermal and tectonic evolution (i.e. changes of stress regimes) of sedimentary basins.
In this contribution, examples that represent foreland (Western Canada Sedimentary Basin) and cratonic basin (Michigan basin) settings will be presented from North America. Integrated petrographic data, as well as, micro-thermometric (fluid inclusions) and geochemical (stable and radiogenic isotopes, major, trace, REE) analyses of the diagenetic minerals and of host carbonate rocks will be used to constrain fluids composition and their evolution history.
Dolomitization in Western Canada Sedimentary Basin by very saline brines occurred under a broad continuum of temperature regimes that were prevalent during shallow to intermediate burial. Very hot (165°C or greater) conditions apparently prevailed in the northwest, very hot to hot temperatures (85-125°C) are common over much of the Peace River Arch area, whereas hot temperatures (60-90°C) predominate in pools surrounding the Wild River Basin. Lukewarm temperatures (30-50°C) are observed for the southeast. Late stage minerals in the Devonian to Cambrian sedimentary succession in the center of Michigan Basin formed from hotter saline fluids (120-200°C) in comparison to those in the periphery of the basin (75-160°C) that suggest an outward fluid flow from the center of Michigan Basin.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
In this contribution, integrated petrographic and geochemical analyses of the diagenetic minerals and of host carbonate rocks will be used to constrain fluids composition and evolutionary history in North American foreland (Western Canada Sedimentary Basin) and cratonic basin (Michigan basin) settings.