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TitleU-Pb geochronology of the Hazelton Group in the McTagg anticlinorium, Iskut River area, northwestern British Columbia
AuthorCutts, J A; McNicoll, V J; Zagorevski, AORCID logo; Anderson, R G; Martin, K
SourceBritish Columbia Geological Survey Geological Fieldwork Paper pt. 2015-1, 2015 p. 87-101 Open Access logo Open Access
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Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20140352
PublisherBritish Columbia Geological Survey
File formatpdf
ProvinceBritish Columbia; Yukon; Western offshore region
NTS93E/13; 93E/14; 93E/15; 93E/16; 93F/13; 93F/14; 93F/15; 93F/16; 93G/13; 93G/14; 93G/15; 93G/16; 93H/13; 93H/14; 93H/15; 93H/16; 93I; 93J; 93K; 93L; 93M; 93N; 93O; 93P; 94; 95; 96A; 96B; 96C; 96D; 96E; 96F; 96G; 96H; 103F/13; 103F/14; 103F/15; 103F/16; 103G/13; 103G/14; 103G/15; 103G/16; 103H/13; 103H/14; 103H/15; 103H/16; 103I; 103J; 103K; 103N; 103O; 103P; 104; 105; 106A; 106B; 106C; 106D; 106E; 106F; 106G; 106H; 114I; 114J/01; 114J/08; 114J/09; 114J/10; 114J/15; 114J/16; 114O; 114P; 115B; 115C; 115F; 115G; 115H; 115I; 115J; 115K; 115N; 115O; 115P; 116A; 116B; 116C; 116F; 116G; 116H; 115A
AreaAlaska; Fairbanks; Juneau; Whitehorse; Prince Rupert; United States of America
Lat/Long WENS-148.0000 -120.0000 66.0000 53.7500
Subjectseconomic geology; geochemistry; geochronology; igneous and metamorphic petrology; metallic minerals; mineral deposits; porphyry deposits; sulphide deposits; stockworks; fracture filling deposits; hydrothermal deposits; breccia deposits; gold; plutons; volcano-sedimentary ore deposits; volcano-sedimentary strata; magmatism; epithermal deposits; uranium lead dating; volcaniclastics; anticlines; whole rock geochemistry; isotope geochemistry; Hazelton Arc Complex; Eskay rift; Triassic; Jurassic; Mesozoic
Illustrationslocation maps; stratigraphic charts; tables; photographs; graphs
ProgramGEM2: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals Western Cordillera, Regional porphyry transitions
Released2015 01 01
AbstractEarly to Middle Jurassic rocks of the Hazelton Group are extensively mineralized, including the precious metal-rich Eskay Creek deposit that is hosted by bimodal volcanic successions in the Eskay rift. In this study, we present U-Pb zircon ages of seven Hazelton Group volcanic, epiclastic and hypabyssal rocks to establish the absolute ages of Hazelton Group units in the McTagg anticlinorium, east of the Eskay Creek deposit. A felsic volcaniclastic sample from the Brucejack Lake member (Betty Creek Formation) yielded a 187.1±1.9 Ma U-Pb crystallization age that is consistent with previous fossil and U-Pb age determinations. Six samples from the Bruce Glacier member (Iskut River/Salmon River Formation) yielded U-Pb crystallization ages of 178.5±1.8, 174.6±1.8, 174.4±1.7, 174.7±1.8, 173.6±1.7, and 173.3±1.8 Ma. These ages indicate that volcanic rocks coeval with the Eskay member occur in the McTagg anticlinorium, as far south as Mt. Dilworth.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
The Geomapping for Energy and Minerals Program is a collaborative federal geoscience program that provides industry and stakeholders with the next generation of geoscience knowledge. Tectonic models provide regional geoscience knowledge frameworks for understanding distribution of rock units, associated mineral deposits and duration of mineral-prospective systems. This research builds on the regional frameworks developed during previous activities in British Columbia. We used previously unpublished data to constrain the age of mineral-prospective volcanic and sedimentary rocks that host precious metal-rich deposits in Iskut area. We identified that volcanism and sedimentation occurred in several distinct cycles that spanned over 20 million years. Volcanic cycle that produced Eskay Creek deposit is aerially widespread in northwestern British Columbia.

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