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TitleStream sediment and water geochemical study, South Fiord area, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada
AuthorMcNeil, R J; Day, S J A; Williamson, M -C
SourceGeological Association of Canada-Mineralogical Association of Canada, Joint Annual Meeting, Abstracts Volume vol. 37, 2014, 183 pages
LinksOnline - En ligne
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20140284
MeetingGAC-MAC Annual Meeting; Fredericton; CA; May 21-23, 2014
File formatpdf
AreaSouth Fiord; Axel Heiberg Island
Lat/Long WENS -95.0000 -94.0000 79.5000 79.2500
Subjectsgeochemistry; environmental geology; stream sediment geochemistry; stream water geochemistry; gossans; silts
ProgramEnvironmental Geoscience, environmental impacts and adaptation in the northern environment
AbstractStream sediment and water sampling programs such as the Geological Survey of Canada's (GSC) National Geochemical Reconnaissance (NGR) program have long been used to efficiently obtain systematic geochemical information, which is key in establishing the mineral potential of an area.
As part of an environmental geoscience study on gossans in Canada's High Arctic, a complementary stream sediment and water study was conducted to better understand the relevant geochemical and mineralogical signatures of gossans found within permafrost in the down-drainage environment. The objectives were to characterize bedrock lithologies in the study area and to evaluate the economic mineral potential. The sampling strategy undertaken targeted drainages with known gossans and were within a day foot traverse from base camp in the South Fiord area of Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut.
Stream silt and water samples were collected from 32 sites with bulk sediment samples taken for the heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) component from the <2 mm fraction, at 10 of these sites. Silt and water samples were analyzed by ICP-MS and ICP-ES as well as for carbon content. Water samples also have alkalinity data, anions by DIONEX and in-situ physico-chemical measurements. Bulk sediment samples were processed and the resulting HMC samples were picked for indicator minerals of various deposit types. Sampling and analytical techniques followed established NGR methodologies, ensuring data compatibility with the NGR database.
This poster will summarize and highlight preliminary results.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
A drainage sampling program was undertaken in the South Fiord area of Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, during the 2013 field season. Drainage basins with known gossans were targeted to better understand their down-drainage geochemical and mineralogical signatures in a permafrost environment. Silt and water samples were collected at a total of 32 sites. Bulk sediment samples for the heavy mineral concentrate component were collected at 10 of these sites. These data will be used as an indicator of the area's lithologies, which is in large part unknown, as well as allowing for a mineral potential evaluation.