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TitleIntroduction to the new GEM-2: Hudson and Ungava Project, Hudson Bay Lowland, northeastern Manitoba
AuthorNicolas, M P B; Lavoie, D; Harrison, J
SourceManitoba Department of Energy and Mines, Mineral Resources Division, Report of Activities 2014 p. 140-147
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20140218
PublisherManitoba Mineral Resource
File formatpdf
NTS24J/05; 24J/06; 24J/10; 24J/11; 24J/12; 24J/13; 24J/14; 24J/15; 24J/16; 24K/09; 24K/14; 24K/15; 24K/16; 24N; 24O; 24P/04; 24P/05; 24P/12; 24P/13; 24P/14; 25; 32M/04; 32M/05; 32M/07; 32M/10; 32M/11; 32M/12; 32M/13; 32M/14; 32M/15; 33D; 33E; 33L/03; 33L/04; 33L/05; 33L/06; 33L/12; 33L/13; 33L/14; 33L/15; 33M; 33N/05; 33N/11; 33N/12; 33N/13; 33N/14; 33N/15; 34C; 34D; 34E; 34F; 34K/03; 34K/04; 34K/05; 34L; 34M; 34N/05; 34N/12; 34N/13; 34N/14; 35C/04; 35C/05; 35C/12; 35C/13; 35D; 35E; 35F/04; 35F/05; 35F/12; 35I; 35J; 35K; 35L; 35M; 35N; 35O; 35P; 36; 37A; 37B; 37C; 42P/08; 42P/09; 42P/10; 42P/15; 42P/16; 43A; 43G/01; 43G/08; 43G/09; 43G/16; 43H; 43I; 43J/01; 43J/08; 43J/09; 43J/16; 43M/09; 43M/15; 43M/16; 43N; 43O; 43P; 44; 45; 46; 47A; 47H; 54A/09; 54A/10; 54A/14; 54A/15; 54A/16; 54F/01; 54F/02; 54F/08; 54F/09; 54F/10; 54F/15; 54F/16; 54G; 54H; 54I; 54J; 54K; 54L/15; 54L16; 54M; 54N; 54O; 54P; 55A; 55B; 55C; 55D/01; 55D/02; 55D/07; 55D/08; 55D/09; 55D/10; 55D/16; 55E/01; 55F; 55G; 55H; 55I; 55J; 55K/01; 55K/02; 55K/03; 55K/07; 55K/08; 55K/09; 55K/16; 55P; 56A/01
AreaHudson Bay; Churchill River; Churchill; Hudson Strait; Moose River; Foxe Basin; Ungava Bay
Lat/Long WENS-100.0000 -64.0000 70.5000 51.5000
Subjectseconomic geology; fossil fuels; geochemistry; geochronology; structural geology; energy resources; hydrocarbons; petroleum exploration; drill core analyses; organic geochemistry; oxygen isotopes; biostratigraphy; thermal maturation; Red Head Rapids Formation; Hudson Bay Basin; Hudson Bay Lowland; Surprise Creek Formation; Severn River Formation; Moose River Basin
Illustrationslocation maps; structural maps
ProgramHudson/Ungava, Stratigraphy Petroleum Basins, GEM2: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals
AbstractThe Hudson and Ungava project's hydrocarbon component involves the study of the Paleozoic strata of the Hudson Bay Basin, in the Hudson Bay Lowland area, northeastern Manitoba. This project component is partly supported by the Geological Survey of Canada¿s Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals Two (GEM-2) program.
This project builds on the first GEM program results (GEM Energy: Hudson Bay and Foxe Basins Project which ran from 2008 ¿ 2013), with the inclusion of more detailed stratigraphic and structural studies. Activities started this year include: (1) detailed core and outcrop descriptions; (2) sampling of organic-rich beds and laminae for organic-geochemistry analysis by Rock Eval 6TM; (3) conodont, chitinozoan and micropalynological biostratigraphy; (4) detailed d13C and d18O stable-isotope profiling on select core; and (5) reconnaissance mapping of the Paleozoic outcrops along the Churchill River and Churchill area coast.
Detailed core descriptions resulted in the sampling of organic-rich laminae and were submitted for Rock Eval 6TM analysis. Rock Eval 6TM results have indicated that there are organic-rich beds and laminae that stretch over a thick interval of the strata. Total organic contents (TOC) as high as 8.23 wt.% were measured in the Ordovician Red Head Rapids Formation in the Merland et al. Whitebear Creek Prov. core, and 5.65 wt.% in the Ordovician Surprise Creek Formation and 3.87 wt.% in the Silurian Severn River Formation in the Houston Oils et al. Comeault Prov. No. 1 core. If Tmax values indicate that the rocks are thermally immature, production index (PI) values rather indicate most of the succession is mature, again outlining some of the issues of Rock Eval for samples with high hydrogen index (HI).
Conodont biostratigraphic results from the Foran Mining Kaskattama Kimberlite No. 1 core confirm an early Silurian age for the core assigned to the Severn River Formation. Chitinozoan and micropalynological biostratigraphy and d13C and d18O stable isotope results are pending.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
Presentation of first year research activities in Northeastern Manitoba part of the GEM-2 Hudson Bay - Ungava project